Good News For the UK Property Market

Mark Goldberg, Head of Residential Sales at the one of the UK’s most prestigious real estates firms, Hamptons International, believes that signs of a dramatic improvement in the UK property market mean those wishing to sell have a chance three times greater than a year ago.

Hamptons report that in 2009 there has been a month-by-month increase in activity across the property sales market, with London and the Central England region performing particular well. Renewed health and confidence in property buying and letting in the some regions is likely to galvanise the broader national market as demand increases.

Since March 2008, Hamptons state there has been a phenomenal 87% increase in sales agreed, with prices across the country undergoing stabilisation unseen in recent years.

Furthermore, research conducted by Hamptons International suggest a greater demand for high-end and luxury properties for sale or for rent, encouraging more competitive rental pricing. This comes as welcome news to some markets that have experienced a comparative lack of interest in the past year or so, particular in the inner and central London areas.

During times of economic crisis,one of the key indices used to detect and evaluate the recovery period is restored balance and growth in the property market. Given that rents and mortgages account for a large proportion of people’s income, it is understandable that consumer confidence is vital to the recovery of the property market. The most recent surveys and research conducted by Hamptons International offer a glimpse of hope then, re-establishing confidence for those interested in longer term and profitable property developments and investment adventures.

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