Blogs We Read

To stay up to date with the property market we regularly visit and read other blogs and sites. Over the coming months we will be updating this section with sites that are in our opinion, the best of the best property blogs or related sites.

If you have an interesting relevant blog and would like to be featured here, please feel free to get in touch.

Housing Crash News – has the latest breaking news on the Property price downturn in America and the UK. The site is updated on almost an hourly basis with the latest articles related to the housing crash.

Landlordlaw Blog – Tessa a practicing solicitor writes a great blog on all things related to Landlord Law. Her site covers many aspects in the field from commentary on developments to essential resources for landlords.

Renthusiast – An insightful view of the UK property market especially towards the rental scene.

Property Investment Project – A very candid personal blog about investing in property with alot of amusing and thought provoking articles to be found. The tag line beautifully describes what one may find. “My life as a landlord – rant, rant, rant.

Property Investment Blog – A good site focusing on international property investment around the world which includes some great tips and guides for those considering or involved in this sector.

Housing Chronicles – A blog from a real estate industry writer; providing commentary and news citations on regional, national and international real estate and related economic and political trends.

UK Bubble – Alice Cook writes a much respected blog on the UK housing crash and the anticipated recovery. Included within the blog is some great technical analysis and research.

The Rat and Mouse – A London based property blog which expertly deals with London’s obsession of property “with the exact combination of awe and scorn that it deserves

Royals of Rent – Anouschka & Ciara write an intuitive blog on most aspects of the rental scene with a good focus on the London market in particular.

Karen Blakeman – writes a well respected, informative and cutting edge blog about search tools and Internet resources for businesses.

Information Pack News – David Pett writes a blog mainly around Home Information Pack regulations and developments.

Housing Dabble – Ben Harris is the new author at this exciting new blog, detailing areas of interest for property professional from social media to the latest software and gadgets.

Nick Parkin – writes an interesting blog about issues surrounding renting flats in London, often with an amusing twist.

What Sam Saw Today – Confessions of a property developer. Sam writes a wide ranging blog covering her experiences with property.