Money and Energy Saving Smart devices

November 12th, 2017 Posted in Energy Saving, Home Improvements, Home Maintenace | No Comments »

It’s obvious that smart home concept becomes globally popular and appealing idea. It eases our life making it more tranquil and secure. A lot has been said about the many benefits house automation brings to homeowners. But have you ever thought those smart home gadgets that gradually invade the world markets can actually help you save money and energy? Well, they really can! So, enjoy your high-tech house and avail of the clever devices you have invested in!

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Transfers of Equity and Legal Ownership of a Property

November 1st, 2017 Posted in Land Registry, Property Conveyancing, Property Market | 29 Comments »

A transfer of equity is a transaction where legal ownership of a property changes hands but at least one of the original owners remains on the title. For example where a couple transfer it into the sole name of one or other of them or a person is added to the title.

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Do you know what you’re covered for? 5 Things to check when buying home insurance

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With the costs of cancelling a policy set by most insurance companies, you need to get it right first time round and make sure you select the cover that is right for you. Luckily, these days we have comparison sites to brush us up on our insurance knowledge by asking all the relevant questions. In case you’re still lost in the world of home insurance, here are five things to look out for.
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Eco-Friendly Floors

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Over the past five years we have seen an incredible shift towards homeowners and property developers sourcing the most sustainable and economically friendly floors for homes. Unsurprisingly this is a movement that has continued and whilst the threat of deforestation and climate change is still apparent there are many who are doing their upmost to help the environment. So how does this affect the flooring world and what steps have been put in place?

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Electrical Contractors & Air Permeability tests – How to make the right choice

July 26th, 2017 Posted in Electrical, Energy Saving, Housing Policy, Property Developers | No Comments »

Are you in the preparatory stages of a new build? Maybe you’re ready to bring in an electrical contractor but are worried about how they’ll fare coming up against Part L of the Building Regs? In this article, I’ll be covering how to choose an electrical contractor for a new build that will be required to pass an air permeability test.

What is Part L

In 2006 the government passed Part L of the Building Regs setting the standards for air permeability in certain new builds and extensions in the UK. The Regulation is concerned with the conservation of fuel and power through limiting heat gains and losses via the building’s fabric. Split into 4 parts the documents lay out guidelines for both new and existing buildings.
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Garage Insulation – An Expert View

July 14th, 2017 Posted in Energy Saving, Home Improvements, Insulation, Roofing | No Comments »

It’s a well-known fact that a properly maintained garage can add serious long-term value to your property. However, if fallen into disrepair, or poorly insulated, garages can also act as parasites, siphoning off your fuel energy and allowing the elements in.

First Things First

Before insulating any garage, it is important to know what that garage is going to be used for. Garages can double up as workshops, exercise spaces and games rooms, offices and studios. To know what type of insulation to use it is essential to know what it will be required to do.
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Property conveyancing and legal process – Part 2

June 28th, 2017 Posted in Guest Articles, Land Registry, Property Conveyancing, Property Market | 4 Comments »

In part 2 of our property conveyancing guide we look at what is involved in the closing stages of the home buying and selling process. You may wish to read Part 1 of the Property Conveyancing Guide here.

Signing the contract

signing contractOnce your lawyer is satisfied that all of his enquiries have been dealt with; he has seen satisfactory search results and he is in possession of his copy of the formal offer of mortgage you will be invited to sign the contract and various other papers. This will either be in person or through the post. You should also receive a report, often called a “property report” at this stage which will set out any salient points arising from the searches and enquiries.

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Property conveyancing and legal process – Part 1

June 22nd, 2017 Posted in Guest Articles, Land Registry, Property Conveyancing, Property Market | 5 Comments »

What is “conveyancing”? – Simply, it is the legal process of transferring ownership of land and property.

Instructing a lawyer

Once you have decided on a property, made an offer and had that offer accepted it’s time to instruct a lawyer. This can be either a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. You should try not to pay over the odds for property conveyancing work. When obtaining a quote you should be given a fixed fee but ask for a list of any additional fees charged for different aspects of the transaction.

Instructing a lawyerSome firms might charge an extra fee for completing the SDLT1 form for example, even though this will not need to be done in every case. These additional fees can really push up the final bill. An average bill for professional fees only (i.e not including addtional search fees, land registry fees etc) would probably be around £300-£400 at the moment.

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Can Five Minutes Of Your Time Really Save You £100s A Year?

May 19th, 2017 Posted in Energy Saving, Top Tips | No Comments »

We are helped out in this day and age when it comes to wanting to switch energy suppliers, but most of us are still very cynical of the whole process. Did you know it can take as little as five minutes to switch, and you could save around £200 in the process over the whole year? Think what else you could spend that money on. Home interiors? Holiday money? Clothes? For just five minutes of your time, it’s silly not to save yourself some money.

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Energy efficiency: how to make your house more efficient

March 22nd, 2017 Posted in Energy Saving, Home Improvements | No Comments »

At the end of 2015 the Daily Mail asked a simple question: Has Britain created the most efficient home?The four-bedroom home described in the piece allegedly cost a total of £15 a year to power – including heating, lighting, cooking and water – thanks to a pump for pulling in heat, solar panelling, triple glazing and other insulation.

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Accountants call for clarity over scrapping of class 2 NICs

February 6th, 2017 Posted in News, Press Releases | No Comments »

Top 40 accountants Bishop Fleming are calling on the government to be open and honest about its plans to reform National Insurance Contributions (NICs) paid by the self-employed.
The firm fears that the promised £145 a year saving for the self-employed from the scrapping of Class 2 NICs in April 2018 will be cancelled out by a corresponding tax rise. Whilst some will be better off, many could face an effective tax rise of up to 2%

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