FOI act application re: Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) numbers

After almost a year since our article ‘Should I train as a domestic energy assessor (DEA)? and the incredible number of responses and strength of feeling expressed from visitors, we felt it would be a good time to review the current situation.

Training as a domestic energy assessor and/or home inspector is still being  ‘sold’ in quite a widespread manner by what appears to be an increasing number of training providers. Is this because there is a need or a shortage within the industry? Or that training is now a growing profitable industry benefitting in these times of recession.

To accurately quantify the number of energy assessors, we have recently made a Freeedom of Information Act application where we asked for information on the number of Domestic Energy Assessors who are able to lodge Energy Performance Certificates, broken down by year since 2007.

The following is an excerpt of the response we received:

” The figure for the number of DEAs who can lodge Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) includes Home Inspectors who are also qualified to produce EPCs. The figures for 2007 and for 2008 up to 30 May are shown below. The Department did not collect and process the data in the format you have requested after 30 May 2008 and the information is, therefore, not available.
2007: 6,002
2008: 1,928

This information is far from groundbreaking and we reported the same figures back in August 2008, Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and Home Inspectors numbers updated.

However, after a response to the initial reply we asked about why this information was no longer collected. We received confirmation, in which I must add was within a timely manner.

“After 30 May, the Department no longer collected and processed the information in the format you requested, because the target figures for the number of DEAs required for each region had been reached. No other Department keeps this information.”

After the intial correspondence we were no further forward in finding exact numbers of currently accredited Domestic Energy Assessors/Home Inspectors. However, the above statement clearly demonstrates that reports of some training providers claiming that there is a shortage to be ‘questionnable’.

We recently requested additional information on how many Domestic Energy Assessors/Home Inspectors were approved and registered in total by the various accreditation schemes. It was not possible to find out how many DEAs were accredited with each accreditation scheme due to this information being commercially sensitive.

The following figures only give an idea and approximate figure of those who are able to lodge EPCs as of 23rd June 2009; as they do include people who are accredited by more than one accreditation scheme so will appear twice or possibly more within the figures. It is also worth noting that these figures do NOT include those in training or who have recently passed exams and are awaiting accreditation.

So the figures we received are (as of 23rd June 2009):
Total Accredited DEA/HI: 12,102
Number Accredited between 30th May 08 – 23rd June 09: 1,550

From experience and contact with assessors we would make an estimate that only 10-15% are dual accredited which gives a figure of approximately 10,000 Accredited Domestic Energy Assessors/Home Inspectors.

The Government calculated the number of DEAs/HIs they wished to be able to lodge EPCs at approximately 3,000. As per these figures we can easily see that we have 330% of the required Domestic Energy Assessors/Home Inspectors.

  • Would this be classed as an oversupply of DEAs/HIs ?
  • If so what can be done?

We are also investigating the number of potential DEAs/HIs in the system ie those who are in training and are not represented in the above. We will update you as and when we receive this information.

We look forward to your comments and thoughts on the subject and hope you have found the above research useful.

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9 Responses to “FOI act application re: Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) numbers”

  1. Its good to keep it fresh and up to date, thank you.

    It seems that too many companies, including property organisations, are reliant on providing training for their own income during these hard times. Lots of people have invested their redundancy money and hopes into the promises their training would return, only to find it’s not true or there.

    These numbers show that there are still too many qualified DEAs.

  2. looking at the figures even in 2007 we had twice the amount needed. Every week advertisements say that there is a shortage. I am not sure the latest figures can be relied on as the training companies are still in business. I expect many more thousands have been trained than we know of.

  3. I have read one training providers website this morning stating that 50,000 assessors are needed just in the South. How do they get away with it if the government have stated that only 3,000 are needed.

  4. All I know is that it is very hard to get work and all the promises by the Training Providers have proved to be empty. Prices are being driven down as dog-eats-dog and I admit that I’m a guilty as the next in trying to get work to regain some (never ALL) of my investment in this business. However I will hold on because I beleive that all the indicators are that we need to be more energy-consious and that there is a future. Written on on the first GREEN BRITAIN DAY.

    One problem is that the public have not been made sufficiently aware of EPCs and many Landlords are flouting the law . What is needed is a Government ad-campaign and Local Trading Standards to start prosecutions

  5. Thanks and to everyone who posted a comment on training to become an energy assessor.

    This article has helped me see through a training provider’s exaggerations and lies and saved me a lot of time and money now that I am not going to consider their course for which I was offered an interview.


  6. Mike Duhig Says:

    Thank you, very interesting update.
    Given the numbers of DEAs in the market and the very few, relatively, of properties coming to market it is surprising any of us are making a living!

  7. […] It was initially planned that one of the pre-requisites of training as a Community and/or Housing Energy Advisor would be being a qualified domestic energy assessor. One must wonder why this original intention was dropped when we have such an over supply and easily accessible existing workforce with current DEA numbers. […]

  8. Too many Assessors, too few properties and most importantly no meaningful enforcement. Both Landlords and Vendors openly flout the regulations without fear of prosecution. Even reasonable sellers still think they can wait until a ‘deal’ is done before seeking an EPC. Obtaining information from the Department or Council is impossible as they hide behind a smokescreen of Data protection.This is further compounded when both Agents and property websites fail to include detail of whether a property has an EPC (in the majority of cases)Whilst I don’t like ‘cold calling’ I do leave flyers in properties for sale or rent but would rather only leave them in properties which need them.Its time something was done.

  9. We have seen a large increase in DEA numbers in our area.

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