Best holiday homes to get cheap sunshine

Have you ever wondered where you’ll get the most sunlight for your money? Many holiday home buyers are seeking maximum sunshine for minimum cost.

Even though Spring is just around the corner, us Brits aren’t guaranteed sunlight, as we suffer from grey skies and rain. You can understand why many holiday property owners have swapped Blackpool for a glamourous property in Spain.

The summer isn’t just about the fashion, sunlight is important as the right amount can have lots of mood lifting benefits. Without enough sunlight exposure, a person’s serotonin levels can dip rather low. Whilst taking in those sunbeams, you’ll get plenty of vitamin D, overall offering a healthy lifestyle.

Buying a property abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. Holiday apartments, for example, are surprisingly affordable, especially in warm and wonderful locations. So where will you get the most sunlight for your money?

Property Guides have provided the answer. By looking at the average 50 square metre apartment and assuming you will own it for 20 years, they have worked out that purchasing in the Turkish Riviera will cost 85p per hour of sunshine. Whereas, in Eastbourne you’ll pay £3.86 per hour of sunshine.

cost of sunshine

You can find more information on the cost of sunshine index by clicking here.

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