Your Guide to 5 of the Most Hardwearing Domestic Flooring Options

With constant traffic on a day to day basis, it is vitally important to ensure the flooring in your home can stand up to this test. If you are thinking of replacing your existing flooring in any busy area of the home and are considering the hard wearing options, this post is on hand to help.

Detailed below is your guide to five types of flooring renowned for being strong, durable and long lasting in the face of constant foot traffic in some of the busiest areas of the home. It’s then over to you to make the decision on which you feel best suits your requirements and environment;

Stone Tiles

Always a popular flooring choice, stone tiles add a real touch of class to any room they are installed within. Alongside the benefits they offer in terms of appearance, stone tiles are also renowned for being incredibly durable and hard wearing as well as being suitable for use with underfloor heating.

The likes of marble, limestone and slate tiles can make a real feature in rooms such as the kitchen and/or bathroom, with larger tiles helping to make a room look like it’s more spacious than it may actually be.
Offering long lasting appeal, natural stone tiles can instantly enhance the appeal of a room on installation and ensure it remains appealing for many years to come, standing up strongly to the daily wear and tear it will be subjected to.


As the name suggests, hardwood flooring offers a strong, durable and hard flooring solution. European Oak is a popular hardwood flooring choice, although the toughest form of this type of flooring is generally regarded as being made from Brazilian Walnut, which is incredibly dense. There are harder woods than this out there, however they aren’t used due to difficulty cutting and nailing such strong woods.
Offering stunning traditional, natural appeal, there is arguably nothing quite like the beauty you get from a natural wood floor which, when combined with its durability, can be a valuable addition to any home.
Whilst expensive to purchase, if looked after well, a hardwood floor can offer over 100 years of use so will be a vivid feature of your home in the long term.

Floor Tiles

Whilst we’ve already touched on stone tiles, a younger apprentice is taking its place amongst the hardwearing flooring collection in the form of floor tiles. This style of flooring, available from R-Tek Manufacturing, is constructed from a flexible material that is incredibly durable and very easy to maintain; just a regular wet mop will be enough to keep it looking as good as new.
Benefitting from a hidden interlocking system which makes fitting this floor almost effortless, you can enjoy a soft and comfortable floor underfoot that will also stand up to the rigours it is regularly finished with.
For a modern alternative for installation in kitchens, utility rooms and the like, the latest floor tiles not only look good but are designed to last too.


Regarded as being durable and resilient, laminate flooring has seen a meteoric rise in recent years with more homes than ever now having laminate installed in various rooms. Suitable for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom as well as conservatories, hallways and landings, the four layers which make up the design give it the hardwearing edge desired in households today.

Given an AC wear ratings by manufacturers, which range from AC1 to AC5, it is easy to determine how well your laminate will stand up to the test. Ratings AC1 to AC3 apply to domestic residences, with the final two ratings being for commercial outlets. AC1 is designed for bedrooms with AC2 being for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms whilst AC3 is regarded as the toughest, being suitable for heavily trafficked areas such as hallways, kitchens and all of the previously stated rooms.


One of the most traditional forms of flooring, today’s carpets can still be regarded as a hardwearing option for your home. Whilst some styles of carpet need to be carefully looked after to get long lasting results, there are a number which are specifically designed to stay looking great even under heavy use.

Just some of the hardwearing options available include woven carpet, which can be expensive but is regarded as being very robust, twisted pile which can hide away scuff and marks easily in busy household areas and Berber which is ideal for all purpose use in hallways, living rooms, stairs and bedrooms.

It’s clear to see that if you’re on the lookout for hardwearing flooring for your home, you have plenty of options to choose from in an abundance of different styles and finishes. It’s just left to you to choose your favourite!

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