10 things you can do to your home with no permission

When you decide to start making changes to your home, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Do I need planning permission?’ Surprisingly there are many things you can do without any planning permission at all. After all, you did buy your property so it does belong to you. This blog looks into the different types of projects you can do on your home with no permission at all; these projects are called permitted developments.

There are many reasons you might want to make changes to your home. You may want more space for a growing family, you may have run out of storage, or you might need office space for a new small business venture. Whatever your reason, here are some developments you can do without having any permission from the powers that be.

1) Remodelling (Internal)

If you wish to develop the inside of your home, you can do so long as the development doesn’t extend the footprint of your home. You will need to follow the Building Regulations guidance though for structural and electrical advice.

2) Windows and Doors

You do not need permission to move, replace or add new windows to the original walls of your home. Double-glazing also does not require planning permission so long as you don’t live in a listed building. Bay windows, however, are considered an extension, so will require permission.

3) Attached buildings

If you want to convert your garage or another building already attached to your home, you can do so long as you don’t extend the footprint of the building.

4) Loft conversions

Loft conversions are a great way to create more space in your home for a bedroom or lounge area. If you want to convert your loft you can do without planning permission. A dormer window also does not require permission so long as it doesn’t sit higher than the highest part of your current roof or extend beyond the roof plane.

5) Sheds and summer houses

If you have a larger garden and wish to build an outhouse or buy a shed/summerhouse then you may be able to do it without permission. These are the general rules here:

  • The building does not surpass 50% of the total area in your garden. This 50% should include any previous extensions you have added to your home but not your main home.
  • Outhouses can only be single storey with a maximum height of 2.5m.
  • Your outbuilding cannot be for residential use if you want to build it without planning permission. It needs to be for an office, gym, storage, garden workshop and so on.

6) Porches

For the most part, extensions to the front of your home are not allowed without permission, however you are permitted to build a porch. There are limitations to the size of porch you can build: it can’t exceed 3m high, it can’t be within 2m of the road and it cannot be larger than 3m squared.

7) Decking

If you would like to add garden decking to your garden, which is under 300mm high, then you can do without planning permission. A raised platform does require planning permission.

8) Swimming pool

This is one of the more surprising entries. So long as your pool doesn’t cover more than 50% of your garden then you can build a pool in your garden. What a nice addition to the garden for family fun in the summer. You could even go heated for winter too!

9) Solar panels

You do not need planning permission for solar panels so long as they do not stretch beyond 200mm of the wall or roof and that the highest part of the solar panel doesn’t go higher than the highest part of your roof. Freestanding panels can also be installed without permission but do have restrictions with size and boundary limitations.

10) Basements

Similarly to a loft conversion, a basement conversion can be a great way to create more space in your home for storage, a bedroom, or living space. Basement development is available as a permitted development however this doesn’t include engineering if your basement needs extra engineering work.

In addition to the above, you can build single and even double storey extensions without permission but there are restrictions. For more information visit planningportal.gov.uk

Are you considering an extension to your home? Have you opted for one of the above choices to avoid having to apply for planning permission?

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