Considering training as a domestic energy assessor (DEA)?

Training as a domestic energy assessor (DEA) may seem like a good opportunity but it is essential to gain a good understanding of the market place prior to entering into the energy assessment field. has develop its services and areas we can provide Home Infomation Packs (HIPS) over a relatively short period. This expansion has been carried out gradually to ensure the continuity of quality remains; and that we do not fall foul of sacrificing customer service which has been key to the high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved. receive enquiries on almost a daily basis from current or potential domestic energy assessors (DEA) as I am sure other organisation will do. The discussion within the industry continues to be one of concern in regard to the current and rising number of DEAs; concerns which mirror. The question which is inevitably asked by prospective DEAs is ‘should I train as a domestic energy assessor?

Number of trained energy assessors

The Government released figures as of 6th March 2008 shows there are currently 11,246 in the system and widespread estimates including those shared by the Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA) are that only approximately 3.000 are actually required to service the related EPBD legislation.

In any market supply and demand forces take effect and domestic energy assessors (DEAs) are currently experiencing the negative consequences of this situation at present. There are many assessors who have re-trained and made large personal investments in time and money to make a success of this newly founded career. Unfortunately, this has not worked out for many DEAs in the manner they envisaged and in some circumstances were lead to believe it would by unscrupulous training providers.

Even with present domestic energy assessors (DEA) numbers, some training providers of the Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessment continue to make unfounded claims of potential earnings of £75,000 p.a. This can and is leading people into paying and enrolling in the training course to find at a later date that this may not be the case.

So what can be done?

The following is intended to increase debate, discussion and thought around this issue and are not necessarily the views or recommendations of

  • Maximum allowable numbers of DEAs in the system
  • Tighter entry level requirements
  • Increased publicity of the actual and estimated required DEA numbers
  • Training providers to be required to state the over subscribed situation on course advertising publications
  • Limited area licenses to practice
  • Accreditation schemes to raise entry requirements

The solution is not one of any single action and the issue needs to be addressed and have ownership taken by the combined related industry organisations and professionals. would welcome the views and opinions of others whether in the industry or not. We look forward to your comments.

If you have found reading this article and following comments useful. We would appreciate if you will make a small donation to the NSPCC, thanks.

UPDATE: We have removed links to the official figures reported at the time of writing the original article.The web page which contained the figures has been removed and requests to view the page are now re-directed.

From our knowledge these figures are no longer published within the Governments’ websites. However, it is widely believed the number of DEAs has continued to grow.

We have applied for uptodate information from various Government Departments under the Freedom of Information Act and will be publishing up to date figures as and when we receive them.

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273 Responses to “Considering training as a domestic energy assessor (DEA)?”

  1. I am so glad to be able to say that i never did pay my money. Phewwww, i am so grateful, thanks guys. Unfortunately it seems many are not so fortunate

    The ASA should be ashamed

  2. I’ve been doing some research into becoming an energy assessor, so obviously read this article with interest.

    It’s seems clear that in the domestic space, training as an assessor is not a wise move at the moment. However there’s little mention of the NDEA market & I was wondering if the Non-Domestic/Commercial sector is in a similar position?

    Would be interested in any opinions on becoming an NDEA and prospects for a career in this field,


  3. Dear Dina ,my commiserations to you. I also applied for the course and paid for it with a bank loan of £11 000 .After many letters to the company I managed to get back just over £4000 from them leaving me nearly £7000 outstanding which I cannot really aford to have on the mortgage.I went to citizens advice about it , but because the documents had been signed it was all legal and there was nothing that could be done.
    Keep onto them , do not give up. You may get something back as I did.Keep in touch and let me know what happens.

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  5. Con Detective Says:

    Dear Ex-Trainees,
    I have a regular mailing (weekly at least) on the current situation via-a-vis Property Proefessionals and the avenues open for complaint. Please send me an email to join my ever increasing mailing list (currently over 250!)
    (email address removed – we have requested further information on the type and purpose of mailing list)

  6. Hi, I was suckered into the course in a swanky block in a county town up-Thames of London in the winter of ’07-’08, did all the modules successfully & then dropped out, realising (sadly belatedly) that despite my best efforts & investment there was no future.
    I would be interested in following this up/through if you are coordinating any approach to Government. But with the election now imminent, I suspect this little rash of misfortune will slip into oblivion.
    Keep up the good work, anyway. The least we can to is ensure nobody else follows in our unfortunate footsteps ~ if there are still any of this particular breed of shark still in business out there.

  7. Damn, awesome website. I actually came across this on Ask Jeeves, and I am happy I did. I will definately be returning here more often. Wish I could add to the posts here and bring a bit more to the table, but am just absorbing as much info as I can at the moment.

    Thank You

  8. Hi,
    I’m curious why courses and trainings in UK are so so expensive.
    Similar course in my country (9 days on average) costs less than a thousand Quids (650 – 800 GBPs on average, depending on location), with 3-4 hotel nights with meals incl.
    On top of the above I managed to get on a course co-financed in 80% by EU funds (well, available in my country), and there are some courses free in structural jobless areas.
    It looks in UK trainers get the cream !!
    What is sad the government exam here costs alone extra 200 GBPs :-((
    And only +/- 40% of applicants passes…

  9. Karolyn Nawda Says:

    Its amazing to me how many ways one might go about investing your money.

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  11. I have been researching on the web trying to find articles about this on Google and the Web. This is very informative thank you. I just wanna tell you that you did a awesome job on this. Cheers mate!

  12. Ok I missed this site before training worst luck (due to lack of opertunities)but i only paid £700 including exam fee. I was doing this to fill in the gaps in my other job so wasnt looking to make it a full time job. I am amazed at how many companies are charging stupid amounts of money for this course. and what is all this about interviews to be accepted on a course…. its a city and guilds course that doesnt need any previous experience….. if ever there was a case for doing your home work this is one of them. Good luck everyone with what ever you end up doing….

  13. There’s a huge amount of competition in the DEA business and I’m seeing prices of £25 for certificates being issued through ‘auction’style sites which is terrible!

    It’s a shame this industry has been so damaged by competition. As an estate agent in Leeds we issue our EPCs in house as I’m qualified to do so, and have been since they first came into force, but prices in the market were nearer £80 per job then!

  14. The market place certainly doesn’t require more DEAs but there is other openings in related sectros – solar power surveyors, air conditioning reports, air tightness testing etc.

    These avenues could be explored in a growing market but training as a DEA is a huge risk. We get offered EPCs at just £25 now trade rate, though we do them in house.

  15. Smart choice in topic and have to say this is extremely helpful and enjoy the expression in general.

  16. I was carrying out these sort of assessments hand calc’s for a long time. Then come along the government and decide to set up yet another club that to become a member cost an absolute fortune to belong. But the downside is as I first stated, as all others it is not the financial loss in the first instance, it is the upkeep to remain a member. Although I am degree qualified I have always steered away from such clubs (and chartered) as they live on the back of everybody else, parasitically. The silly thing about this as with all other little certificates, it does not make the owner any more competent than one trained in the field without. The trouble is the general public think they all are, and as the club owners some feed on Mr public who in the end pay.

  17. Hey there,

    I personally thought your blog post was somewhat quite interesting, you’ve made various quality points, look forward to heading back again and reading a great deal more.
    Keep it up,


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  20. Charlie Montana Says:

    I have been seriously considering becoming a Domestic Energy Assessor but dont if job opportunities are easy to come by especially that their is the GreenDeal.
    Please advice is it worth doing or its a proper waste of money.

  21. Jonathan Relieved! Says:

    Wow – I’ve just found this page as the very last thing I looked at prior to booking my £1500 DEA training course. It seems I stumbled across it at just the right time.

    Although the majority of these posts are from 2008-10, I am assuming the situation is the same, but with ever more qualified DEAs out there. The DCLG annual report shows a steady rise in completed EPCs over the last 4 years, but I can only assumed that has provided the already starved qualified DEAs with some much needed work, but still not enough to sustain the supply/demand shortfall in a still depressed housing market.

    Anyone in the know care to summarise the current situation in line with my thoughts above? I’m not in the industry, and probably wont be thanks to this forum, but would still be interested in how things stand today.

    Many Thanks (and with gratitude!),


  22. i am thinking of taking an epc course soon and they say i might be better doing a 5 day course to include dea cert, but is it worth it.please

  23. Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a company running a DEA / EPC Assessor Course in South Wales? I’m struggling to find anywhere. I’d travel to Bristol as well.

    Thanks! John

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