Landlords EPCs – support with recommendations have been providing EPCs for Landlords as the important date of the EPBD legislation nears i.e. 1st October 2008. We have been pleased to be able to help Landlords apply for energy saving grants to act on the recommendations within the Energy Performance Certificates for their rented properties.

Landlords are able to apply for energy efficiency grants/allowances and have been able to since the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) scheme was introduced on 6th April 2004 and then 2 years later expanded upon. It will be of interest to see if the level of LESA applications rise due to the Energy Performance Certificates that Landlords will soon require and have to make available. See this post for more information for when Landlords must provide EPCs.

The improvements that Landlords can make through the energy saving allowance; will in most cases have a direct positive impact on the energy efficiency rating of the Energy Performance Certificate. Of course, the energy saving measures would need to be put in place prior to the assessment taking place for this to be evidenced on the EPC. However, some EPC providers as we do, offer a pre-assessment and assessment. This enables clients to make improvements based on the Energy Performance Certifcate recommendations and receive additional certification reflecting these upgrades to the property.

The Landlord Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) allows individual landlords (and other landlords who pay income tax) who let residential property to claim a deduction in their income tax bill. This allowance allows landlords to claim back up to £1,500 per property for installing energy efficient measures and is available until 2015.

What energy efficiency measures are covered?
You are currently entitled to claim for the following measures:

  • loft insulation
  • cavity wall insulation
  • solid wall insulation
  • draught proofing
  • hot water system insulation
  • floor insulation.

More information can be found at HM Revenue and Customs website pages Landlord Energy Saving Allowance 2004, Landlord Energy Saving Allowance 2006 and Landlord Energy Saving allowance 2007 or by phoning 0845 9000 444.

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