Living With Parents Hits ‘Kiddults’ Where It Hurts

High house prices hit personal lives of Britain’s stay-at-home grown ups, reveals survey. Living with mum and dad is ruining the sex lives of Britain’s stay-at-home ‘kidults’ according to a survey commissioned by North West property development company, FreshStart Living.

Out of the 1,000 over-25 year olds surveyed, over 40 per cent (41.4%) said they suffer with embarrassment because their love lives aren’t private from their parents, and 38.6 per cent said they felt like a failure because they don’t have their own place.

Almost 70 per cent (67.8%) are suffering from low self esteem due to their lack of personal space, describing themselves as being a ‘victim’ (29.2%) or ‘failure’ (38.6%).

The ‘kidults’ say they have to play cat and mouse with parents, as grown up ‘children’ attempt to hide their sex lives and relationships from their parents.

44 per cent of those still living at home admit to having had a one night stand in their parents’ house when their parents were in, with 82.88 per cent having being caught by their parents.

Parent / child relationships are being put under strain, with two thirds (64.9%) of ‘children’ over the age of 25 having to adhere to their parents’ strict rules about sleeping in the same bed as someone.

Despite these rules, disobedient over-25s are still coming face to face with embarrassing situations with 15.8 per cent being told by their parents to keep the noise down when having sex, and a third saying they have had to endure the much-feared noise of their parents having sex.

Not only that, 14.5 per cent of those surveyed said their parents have walked in on them having sex with a partner, or had experienced their partner being caught by their parents walking round the house naked (3.5%). Some respondents (5.1%) even claimed their partner had stumbled into their parents’ bedroom when staying over.

Over a third of those surveyed described themselves as being in a serious relationship, yet almost 20 per cent are not allowed to have anyone stay over in their parents’ home, despite them being adults.

When questioned about the age people should have ‘fled their parents’ nest’ by, 70 per cent said the natural age to move out is 26. However, results suggest that people are still living at home with their parents well in to their forties and even fifties.

Over 90 per cent (90.5%) claimed the only reason they are still living at home is because they are saving for a mortgage deposit (32.1%) or because they simply cannot afford to rent (58.4%).

Stuart Cook, acquisitions manager at FreshStart Living said: “Higher numbers of people are falling victim of the property slump, and this research shows people’s relationships are as badly hit as their bank accounts. Recent government initiatives to help First Time Buyers are welcome, but the problems of the housing market are deep-rooted.

“FreshStart Living sees first-hand what these problems mean to people in their everyday lives when we see their delights at being able to buy a home. Despite the gloom, there are housing options available for first time buyers, and we’re here to offer advice and support on the best way to go about purchasing your first home.”

FreshStart Living has sold over 2,000 units in this year alone, 250 of which were sold to First Time Buyers at a cost of less than £75,000. The company has a further 2,000 units in its pipeline.

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