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Due to a number of requests, we have added the ability to subscribe to our blog via email and receive updates when we post a new article. As part of this addition we are running a fun,  promotional feature.

To take part you simply must:

To do so you will need to use a valid email which will need confirmation.  If you are amongst the lucky winners you will be informed via this email and the winner will be announced within this article.

What will happen if I do subscribe?

  • You will receive a brief email each time we post an article informing you that this has happened. Whether you choose to read the article or delete the email is completely up to you and makes no difference to your eligibility.

Will I receive lots of spam email from you?

  • Absolutely not, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Will you pass my email details on?

  • Again, absolutely not. You will only ever receive emails from us.

So what are the prizes?

Well they certainly are not going to make you rich but may help towards some fine dining. To be eligible for the prizes you must be subscribed at the time. Prizes will be allocated when:

  • When we reach 50 subscribers a random winner will receive £5.
  • When we reach 100 subscribers a random winner will receive £10.
  • When we reach 500  subscribers a random winner will receive £50.
  • When we reach 1000 subscribers a random winner will receive £100.

Payment will be made via your chosen method though from amongst the following:

  • Cheque
  • BACS
  • Paypal

Payment will be made within 7 days of the winner being announced.

We will update this article to announce a winner at each stage and send an email to each subscriber also with this information.

So what are you waiting for, Subscribe now.

Not only will you recieve some hopefully insightful articles but you may be given cash for doing so.

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