Canyon Bikes lose Christmas Cheer; profit rules

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So after detailing last week how Canyon Bikes sold me wheels they decided they no wanted to supply in various places across the internet. For eg my open Facebook post to Canyon (which they were asked to comment on) after they deleted my comments on their Facebook page which obviously didn’t fit in with the image they are trying to portray; lets be honest they are doing a good job on the marketing front and I know many are tempted. However, marketing and spin is one thing but backing those claims up are where from my experience they are lacking.

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The Year That Was: PCL prices hold but transactions plummet

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2016 proved a challenging year for the Prime Central London (PCL) property market. The past 12 months not only witnessed a marked slowdown in sales activity as Stamp Duty changes dramatically affected sentiment, but uncertainty has been a recurring theme, both before and following the UK’s Brexit vote.

With the headwinds it has been encountering, this year has seen the PCL market fragment with different dynamics driving the performance of property at the lower end and the luxury end. This has created a watershed at £1m, above which tax is having the most significant effect on investor decisions.

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Canyon Bikes,12 days of selling stuff they can not fulfill

December 15th, 2016 Posted in Guest Articles, News | 2 Comments »

Canyon Fail!! Back to old tricks or did it stop?

I bought Mavic pro carbon sl wheels and a cassette on Monday from Canyon’s 12 days of Christmas sale. I completed the transaction and checked out and entered card details. Great I thought, Merry Christmas to me. I am recovering from surgery to my back and not able to ride at present, so it was a great pick me up and something to look forward to.

The reduction in the sale price was good, RRP now of said wheels is about £1600 and I paid just over £800 for wheels and a cassette. This is a big purchase for me and not something I take lightly. Looking around on tinternet, they are fairly new model I wasn’t going to find anywhere else at this time at that price. I can hear my dad whispering as I type…. ‘Son, it it is too good to be true… it normally is…’  How apt. Was this a sale or PR? I can only wonder.

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Legal providers to publish prices online to help people moving house

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MOVING house requires specialist advice- now the CMA is making it easier for you to find a suitable legal provider.

Relocating or buying for the first time are some of the most stressful times in life, so it’s essential that you have the right legal advice to rely on when you need it most.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has conducted a market study into legal services and found that home buyers and those moving house often don’t have the information they need at hand to make the right decision.

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U.K. letting agents save landlords nearly £2k every year

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UK landlords surveyed who use a letting agent estimate that they save £1910 a year more than if they marketed directly to tenants, according to research by Endsleigh, one of the country’s leading specialist insurance providers for letting agents, landlords and young professionals.

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Transfers of Equity and Legal Ownership of a Property

November 14th, 2016 Posted in Land Registry, Property Conveyancing, Property Market | 23 Comments »

A transfer of equity is a transaction where legal ownership of a property changes hands but at least one of the original owners remains on the title. For example where a couple transfer it into the sole name of one or other of them or a person is added to the title.

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Energy savings in the kitchen

July 4th, 2016 Posted in Energy Saving, Top Tips | 1 Comment »

The kitchen is the hub of the household. What with preparing and cooking meals, and often eating them too, as well as washing up and popping the kettle on for a cup of tea, it’s where most of the action is, and where a large proportion of household energy goes. Here are a few ways to cut down on energy use in the kitchen without compromising on a cosy, good-looking room, or tasty meals.

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The truth about remodeling with solar

June 3rd, 2016 Posted in Energy Saving, Home Improvements, Property Market | No Comments »

Previously, we talked about how to survive remodeling your home. We gave advice on what you should do during remodeling, what to expect when you decide to stay at home during the renovation period, and what to see in your kitchen in the early hours of the morning. Today, we’re also going to talk about remodeling but not the usual overhaul that most families undertake after living in the same house for several decades. This time, it’s about remodeling your house before installing solar panels.

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Lords committee calls for government to refocus the planning system

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Lords committee calls for government to refocus the planning system on high quality homes, not just housing numbers

  • TCPA welcomes report from Lords Committee on Built Environment which calls for government to consider development corporations and review compulsory purchase
  • Report stresses need for sustainable communities and environmental measures

A report published today by the House of Lords Built Environment Committee has stressed the importance of ensuring that the planning system creates good places for people, as well as tackles the housing crisis.

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Government housing policy short sighted and will not meet objectives

February 19th, 2016 Posted in Housing Policy | 2 Comments »

The House of Lords Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment has today asserted the importance of delivering a better built environment and criticised current government policy as unlikely to meet demand for either the quantity or quality of houses we need.

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Another nail in the coffin for social housing

January 5th, 2016 Posted in Landlords, Property Developers, Property Market | 1 Comment »

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s MP for Brighton Pavilion, will vote against the Housing and Planning Bill later today.

Lucas, who tabled a reasoned amendment to the Bill at Second Reading, has labelled the legislation as ‘another nail in the coffin for British social housing’. She will speak later today at a rally organised by Defend Council Housing.

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