Best Places to Live in Sussex and the South East

Did you know that Sussex has consistently ranked among the top UK counties for quality of life? You might find yourself drawn to Eastbourne for its dynamic arts scene or perhaps the historic allure of Le

Each town in Sussex offers its own distinct lifestyle benefits, whether it’s Burgess Hill’s community vibe or Chichester’s cultural richness. If you’re considering a move, you’ll want to weigh the unique attributes that places like Worthing or Hassocks bring to the table.

So, what’s your priority? Seaside serenity, bustling culture, or something entirely different? Let’s explore what makes each town unique.

Exploring Eastbourne’s Appeal

While Eastbourne’s average property price of £332,559 makes it a budget-friendly choice, the town’s rich cultural scene and outdoor activities further amplify its appeal. As a coastal town, Eastbourne offers you a unique blend of local amenities that cater to every lifestyle.

You’ll find affordable housing options nestled between vibrant cultural hotspots and expansive outdoor spaces. Imagine yourself strolling along the scenic promenade or indulging in water sports on a sunny afternoon.

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Discover Historic Lewes

Discover the historical treasures of Lewes Castle, a Norman stronghold dating back to the 11th century, nestled in the heart of East Sussex. As a premier historical attraction, Lewes Castle invites you to explore its majestic keep, the intriguing Barbican house, and the unique 14th-century water tank.

While you’re there, don’t miss the panoramic views of the South Downs and the town below, which are truly breathtaking.

The Sussex Archaeological Society manages this iconic site with a focus on making history accessible and engaging through various events, exhibitions, and educational programs. You’ll feel a deep connection to the past and a sense of belonging as you walk through the same halls and battlements that have witnessed centuries of history.

Chichester: A Cultural Haven

Why not immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Chichester, a historic cathedral city celebrated for its vibrant arts scene and exquisite natural surroundings?

In Chichester, you’ll discover a community that cherishes cultural enrichment, from excellent theaters to intimate galleries.

With property prices averaging at £460,155 in 2023, it’s not only an accessible choice but a wise investment in your future.

The city’s amenities, including outstanding schools and sprawling green spaces, contribute to a high quality of life. Plus, the easy train access to London guarantees that you’re never too far from the capital while enjoying a serene, community-focused lifestyle.

Worthing’s Coastal Charms

You’ll find Worthing to be an affordable coastal gem in Sussex, with property prices averaging at £388,494 in 2023. This coastal town not only offers a serene seaside lifestyle but also boasts a welcoming community spirit. Here’s why you’d love living in Worthing:

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Good Schools
  • Cultural Attractions

Life in Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill, a high commuter town in Sussex, offers direct trains to London Victoria and London Bridge, making it ideal for your daily commute. This town isn’t just about getting to work quickly; it’s a place where you can feel at home.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Community Spirit: Burgess Hill is known for its vibrant community and regular social events that bring everyone together.
  2. Green Spaces: You’ll find numerous parks and recreational areas, perfect for family outings or a peaceful walk.
  3. Local Amenities: From schools to shops, everything you need is right at your doorstep.

Forest Row: Village Tranquility

Forest Row presents a serene village setting wrapped in the tranquility of Ashdown Forest. Here, you’ll find yourself enveloped by lush green spaces and a close-knit community that makes you feel right at home.

Imagine starting your day with a peaceful walk through the expansive landscapes of Ashdown Forest, where nature’s beauty offers a perfect escape from the hustle of city life.

In Forest Row, the blend of historic and modern homes adds to the village’s charm, ensuring there’s a perfect spot just for you.

Hassocks: Scenic and Serene

Hassocks offers a picturesque setting, blending scenic beauty with a serene, village atmosphere ideal for tranquil living.

Here’s what you can enjoy in Hassocks:

  1. Practical Amenities: Everything you need is right here—from shops to services, ensuring your day-to-day life is convenient.
  2. Lush Green Spaces: Perfect for leisurely walks or family picnics, enhancing your sense of well-being.
  3. Strong Community Ties: Events and gatherings that make it easy to feel part of the community.

Ticehurst: Quaint Village Life

Ticehurst offers a quaint village life, complete with historic charm and a tight-knit community. You’ll find yourself wrapped in picturesque surroundings that echo tales of the past, where every corner offers a piece of history.

The village isn’t just about its looks; it’s about a community atmosphere that warmly embraces newcomers. Local shops and schools are just a stroll away, contributing to the village’s convenient and cozy lifestyle. Here, you’re not just finding a place to live; you’re finding a place to belong.

Fairlight: Amongst Nature

Fairlight offers scenic hiking trails that let you explore stunning countryside and coastline views. As an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find the varying difficulty levels accommodate everyone, from casual walkers to seasoned hikers.

The trails weave through diverse landscapes, providing a picturesque backdrop that feels like it’s just for you.

Here are a few things you can look forward to:

  1. Diverse Landscapes
  2. Community Feel
  3. Accessibility for All

You’ll discover an array of wildlife in Sussex’s Fairlight, where diverse habitats host everything from peregrine falcons to playful seals. This unique blend of woodlands, cliffs, and coastal areas makes it a haven for wildlife encounters.

Whether you’re a birdwatching enthusiast keen to spot kestrels and seabirds, or you’re more captivated by the rich tapestry of flora and fauna in the serene woodlands, Fairlight offers a connection to nature that’s both enriching and grounding.

Fairlight isn’t just scenic; it’s a place where you belong, surrounded by natural beauty and neighbors who quickly become friends. Though cold in the winter due to its sea location and thus in need of quality external wall insulation, during summer it’s heaven.

Here’s why Fairlight could be your next home:

  1. Affordable Living: With an average property price of £475,000, it’s a financially accessible haven.
  2. Natural Surroundings: From rolling countryside to pristine beaches, nature is always just a step away.
  3. Community Spirit: Regular social events and local amenities foster a close-knit community vibe, making it easy to connect and settle in.

Billingshurst: Family-Friendly Living

Billingshurst offers a family-friendly atmosphere with its mix of historical charm and modern conveniences, making it an ideal place for raising your family.

Imagine your children playing in safe, picturesque parks and attending excellent local schools all within walking distance. The housing options are diverse, from quaint historic cottages to spacious modern homes, catering to different tastes and needs.

This close-knit community not only provides a peaceful setting but also fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness, making it a top choice for families looking for a quality lifestyle.


As you’ve journeyed through Sussex’s mosaic of marvelous locales, each area uniquely stitches its charm into the quilt of this picturesque county.

Whether you’re drawn to the rich tapestries of Chichester, the serene waves of Worthing, or the historic whispers of Lewes, Sussex offers a patch in its quilt for everyone.

Find your perfect spot under the Sussex sun, where history, culture, and nature weave together, creating a place not just to live, but to belong.

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