Details of Non-Compliant Local Authority Searches to be removed

The Association of Independent Personal Search Agents (IPSA) have indicated that later today they will remove the non-Home Information Pack compliant Local Authority list from its public web site.

Steve Davies, IPSA CEO commented;

“IPSA has been granted a meeting with Communities and Local Government (CLG) to discuss amongst other industry matters the existing guidance on Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) for property search data. We have always believed the guidance to be outdated and in view of the recent decision notices and tribunal on EIR we will seek a rewrite.”

Steve continued “It is now widely accepted that most if not all search data is Environmental Information and not subject to the Charges for Property Searches regulations. This is a matter which IPSA has been pursuing with CLG and the Local Government Association (LGA) for some considerable time and there has been reluctance to engage.”

IPSA in recognition of the progress made and in anticipation of a new level of co-operation and compliance with the Environmental Information Regulations, intends to remove from its public website the list of councils where non compliance with the Home Information Pack regulations had been identified last year.

Christian Lister, IPSA Chairman welcomes the position “I am verypleased that CLG have agreed to the meeting, we have much to discuss in light of the recent Information Commissioners rulings on EIR. We have long advocated the use of EIR within the industry, however we will also focus on the other issues the industry faces like bad debt, phoenix companies, regulatory bodies, independent inspectors and logo misuse to ensure industry can deliver the very best consumer experience.”

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