Property Codes Compliance Board independent assessment results

The Association of Independent Personal Search Agents (IPSA) has welcomed the findings of the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) independent assessment into personal searches, but issued a warning to property professionals.

IPSA have stated;

“The PCCB investigation, which materialised from complaints made by those with a vested interest in undermining the private search industry, has highlighted that the initial PCCB assumption that Local Authority compiled searches could set a quality benchmark for private searches to be judged against was clearly incorrect.
Steve Davies, IPSAs CEO stated “IPSA welcomes the PCCB admittance that personal search reports compiled by its members under the IPSA Code Compliant and SearchCode schemes are every bit as accurate as Local Authority compiled searches.”

The detailed PCCB investigation via spot checks and involving Trading Standards Officers of over 900 search answers revealed no significant differences between the two types of report.

Christian Lister, IPSAs Chairman added “IPSA members are however still appalled by the heavy handed and accusatory stance taken by the PCCB in this investigation, which has alienated them even further from the IPSA membership and therefore today IPSA must issue a warning to Estate Agents and the Property Ombudsman to consider very carefully the PCCB proposal to take control and initiate doorstep and desktop compliance inspections of all Estate Agents.“

The PCCB has done nothing to combat the real problems facing the industry, by accepting unlawful charging for data and allowing industry debts by logo using accredited companies to spiral out of control, leaving the consumer with Home Information Packs that contain unusable documents.”

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6 Responses to “Property Codes Compliance Board independent assessment results”

  1. The only person doing any alienating is Christian Lister, he seems to have a one man crusade to criticise or put barriers between all parties in the conveyancing process. If Christian Lister really knew his members then he’d know that since the 1st of January most of his members have stopped even bothering to attend local authorities and instead submit a LLC1. Kind of puts water on the statements made by PS companies that they were inspecting statutory registers or finding out information during their visit. Unfortunately the PCCB haven’t got the knowledge or experience to realise that just because an answer is in the search that the information was actually inspected to get that answer. It’s just luck and the fact that purchasers won’t rely on HIP searches that there haven’t been any insurance claims for made up answers. But there again most of the insurance policies seem to run out on the day of completion… how convenient!!

  2. Christian Lister was without doubt the most talked about person at the Local Land Charges Conference in Blackpool.

    quite cute though x

  3. At least IPSA and Christian have some ‘balls’ what does everyone else do, oooo apart from take your cash.

    The PCCB are the ones alienating themselves, as they do little to help members and am afraid could not even say practical help without turning into dust.

    Cant say i have ever noticed his cute side, maybe u should do a facebook fan page susan 🙂

  4. UPDATE supplied by IPSA

    The Association of Independent Personal Search Agents (IPSA)
    wishes to clarify details relating to the Property Ombudsman made earlier this week.

    Christian Lister, IPSAs chairman wishes to clarify the warning statement given to all estate agents and The Property Ombudsman.

    “Following recent communications from The Property
    Ombudsman, I can confirm on behalf of IPSA that the
    Ombudsman has no intention of allowing the PCCB to conduct
    compliance checks on estate agents, the communication also
    highlighted that talks on this issue have never taken place.”

    IPSA welcomes The Property Ombudsman’s position and
    clarification on the PCCB.

  5. The detailed investigation by PCCB of over 900 search answers revealed no significant difference etc etc. Well, with 60 answers for each search, did they just check 15 properties to get the 900 answers. Evidence provided to them showed exactly where the issues were but this obviously didn’t make it into the checking process. All LA’s have proof that information is not being requested and house buyers/solicitors are being mislead that the information has been obtained from the LA (it states it on the search). Who do we have to contact to get these things put right?

  6. The PCCB has been asked to confirm the sample number as it is alleged to be around 10! Not particularly thorough.

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