Property Professionals in Administration – Next Steps

Since the ‘renowned’ training provider Property Professionals went into administration there has been a flurry of people and organisations offering advice, guidance and support.

Initially, estimates calculated that there were approximately 800 affected prospective domestic and commercial energy assessors and home inspectors. The list of training courses that they provided does extend past energy assessment and home inspection but these were the main thrust of ‘Property Professionals’ sales and marketing campaigns. Recently, more updated reported figures place the number caught up in the debacle at nearer 2,500 with people coming forward who have previously been reluctant to do so.

The amount of information on the situation which is being described as the ‘property professionals scam‘ on the moneysavingexpert forum is increasing by the day.

Next steps for trainees with Property Professionals

Get hold of your assessment portfolio

If you have not already, it is your property and has no value to Property Professionals. The administrator has arranged various days on which collection can be arranged. Contact the administrator – HJS Recovery, Telephone: 02380 234222

Once you have this you can then transfer your ABBE registration to another ABBE training centre (which can be found on the ABBE website) if you choose to continue.

The cost of completing your qualification will depend on what stage you are at:
1. registered with ABBE, failed exam, and not completed portfolio
2. registered with ABBE, passed exam, and completed portfolio
3. passed exam, and had portfolio successfully assessed by an approved assessor.

Differing training providers will charge differing amounts, there is no set fee for any of the above scenarios. Please make due consideration whether any further outlay is sensible or viable.

Property Professional payment methods

The 3 main ways people have funded the training courses provide different scenarios. If you paid by:

Credit card

You should contact your credit card company and claim a refund. It is not apparent how successful this will be at present.

Finance agreement with Barclays

Barclays should write to you shortly explaining the process. However, the address is Barclays Partner Finance, PO Box 3979, Glasgow G51 1YL or call them on 0844 811 9000.


Unfortunately, if you paid in cash you are another creditor and will have to wait to see if the administrators can sell the business or not. If they are not successful selling the business and Property Professionals is liquidated it will be dependant on whether there are enough assets that will allow them to refund you.

You can get free expert advice on the situation from Consumer Direct. Their telephone number is 08454 04 05 06 or their website is

If you are still unclear about your position, Joseph Pestell ([email protected]), secretary of the Institute of Home Inspectors has been working closely with many of those affected looking at possible solutions and future options available and maybe able to help you clarify the situation.

But… should I continue training as a DEA or Home Inspector?

We have highlighted issues facing those considering or actually trained as a DEA or Home Inspector and previously highlighted the outrage of industry professionals at the type of self-promotion by training providers in past articles. Whilst many prospective trainees reconsidered the option it is clear many more than was required decided to train.

Certainly, it is not a given that those who have unfortunately been affected will simply pay the additional money to a new training provider, complete the course and go onto make a successful career in the industry. We have always advocated research by the individual and now is no different.

For those who were training as a Home Inspector and have paid in the region of £5-10K whether spending ‘good money after bad’ is the correct decision when there are more trained Home Inspectors than actual Home Condition Reports carried out is questionable. The same could also be said in regard to Domestic Energy Assessors; based upon a FOI Application we made in June 2009 there were approx 12,000 DEAs which is roughly 4 times more than is general recognised is needed within the industry, i.e. 3,000.

We will try and update our site with any new progressions or news in regard to the Property Professionals Administration as and when it becomes available.

As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts; especially if you have been involved or are already within the industry and may be able to offer your advice or thinking towards potential prospects.

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