The Federation of Property Information Providers (FPIP) Recruit

Two new groups / associations have launched this week aimed at specific property professionals namely HIP Providers, Energy Assessors and the infamous Home Inspectors.

They are the The Federation of Property Information Providers (FPIP) and the HIP Reform Group though both are separate entities.

Mr Ockenden who has gained almost widespread respect from most, even secretly from those quarters vehemently against the HIP legislation gave us a brief insight about FPIP during a recent interview, the future of HIPs.  However, recent announcements at ‘recruitment and information meetings’ have seemingly given much more detail regarding plans and possible direction.

Now, most know the history regarding the Home Condition Report (HCR) the governments U-turn, the abandonment of Home Inspectors and the continuation of ‘training providers’ to sell the Home Inspector training when there was negligible to zero demand for the HCR.

Now, it appears FPIP will aim to possibly address 2 main areas in regard to Home Inspectors who they have being targeting to recruit:

  • Enabling a route for Home Inspectors to somehow utilise their Home Inspector qualification
  • Further explore and co-ordinate a compensation claim against the government for Home Inspectors

Most independent Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) and Home Inspectors (HI) who have been involved in the industry for any length of time will be sure to have some scepticism about the realistic achievements of FPIP’s goals and question if there are any hidden agendas which have yet to be seen.

This scepticism was not helped when the group initially came to light with a leading figure from an infamous training provider / HIP provider making statements on behalf of The Association of Property and Energy Professionals (APEP) which seemed to have some strong connection with FPIP.

However, the actual people heading up recent meetings regarding the Federation of Property Information Providers (FPIP) will surely instil some confidence amongst attendees and those considering parting with further money towards find a career as a Home Inspector; Mike Ockenden (AHIPP), Brian Scannell (NHER/SAVA) and David Dalby (RICS).

Brian Scannell has gained a good level of respect from industry professionals for the great work him and is team have been carrying out; demonstrated in the recently published NHER report ‘Seizing the Opportunity‘. We are not greatly familiar with Mr Dalby, though one does not rise within the ranks of such an organisation as RICS with ease.

Eyebrows have been raised for sure that the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are involved with this group. Many associate the demise of the HCR and the ambitions of Home Inspectors with objections from RICS. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) resistance to the Home Condition Report (HCR) was one of the reasons many believe it was made an optional requirement for the Home Information Pack.

Can this group of well respected industry professionals work together for the benefit of Home Inspectors with their exisiting vested interests?

The possible successful compensation claim against the government and the chance that Home Inspectors may actually be ‘required’ to carry out a ‘survey’; could offer yet another ray of light which could as many times previously be distinguished after a prolonged period. The Federation of Property Information Providers is asking for £10 per month to become a member.

It seems uncertain whether this group will provide a successful conclusion for Home Inspectors or a further avenue to throw good money after bad.

As always, time will tell though we will follow developments with interest.

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