Property Professionals Administration – what should I do?

The training provider Property Professionals which was also known as Home Inspector Training (HIT) is understood to have gone into administration yesterday.

NHER have been in touch with us this morning and there is a meeting planned on Monday between, NHER, ABBE and other related parties to discuss what can be done to help those that are affected.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything specific that can be said at this point in time though it is unlikely that the options which maybe presented will match what affected candidates will be looking and hoping for.

Most training providers including NHER are happy to take calls regarding this situation from affected candidates. We are informed for example that NHER will in the first instance take some details and as soon as possible thereafter contact with some guidance on options.

As more information becomes available we will endeavour to update you.

UPDATE: We recommend contacting a number of training providers if you are interested in continuing your training  before committing to further expense. It is possible that both requirements and costs will vary from provider to provider. However, cost should not be the only deciding factor.

Be sure to check out our updated information on the article Property Professionals in Administration – Next Steps

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