Property Professionals Administration – what should I do?

The training provider Property Professionals which was also known as Home Inspector Training (HIT) is understood to have gone into administration yesterday.

NHER have been in touch with us this morning and there is a meeting planned on Monday between, NHER, ABBE and other related parties to discuss what can be done to help those that are affected.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything specific that can be said at this point in time though it is unlikely that the options which maybe presented will match what affected candidates will be looking and hoping for.

Most training providers including NHER are happy to take calls regarding this situation from affected candidates. We are informed for example that NHER will in the first instance take some details and as soon as possible thereafter contact with some guidance on options.

As more information becomes available we will endeavour to update you.

UPDATE: We recommend contacting a number of training providers if you are interested in continuing your training  before committing to further expense. It is possible that both requirements and costs will vary from provider to provider. However, cost should not be the only deciding factor.

Be sure to check out our updated information on the article Property Professionals in Administration – Next Steps

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50 Responses to “Property Professionals Administration – what should I do?”

  1. Regrettably we have seen this in the past, when a company called HES left 300 or so DEA candidates out to dry. Quidos picked up the pieces, and got the majority qualified.

    The most important thing for any trainee with Property Professionals is to get hold of your assessment portfolio. It is your property, and has no value to PP.

    Once you have this you can then transfer your ABBE registration to any other ABBE training centre (e.g. Quidos, but there are many others). The cost of completing your qualification will depend on what stage you are at:
    1. registered with ABBE, failed exam, and not completed portfolio
    2. registered with ABBE, passed exam, and completed portfolio
    3. passed exam, and had portfolio successfully assessed by an approved assessor.

    Obviously any training centre will be pleased to help affected students. Just shop around for the best price.

  2. A discussing about this on the money saving forum

    The ASA should be brought to account about this outfit.

  3. caroline Pickering Says:

    Hi out there I would suggest we wait until abbe and nher have had there meeting before jumping into bed with another trainer.Financially, speak to the people you have any loans with giving them as much info as possible. Hang on in there until we have any solid info from either the administrators abbe or nher I don`t think it will be long before there is something positive

  4. I fully endorse the comments made by Philip above. We too stand ready to assist not only candidates who have already trained but are seeking to finish their qualification, but also those who were waiting to train for their next chosen level. We offer NDEA Levels 3 & 4 plus DEC and DEA on request. Our website will be updated on Monday to provide details.
    In addition those who have paid by credit card should contact their card issuer as they may be able to recalim their cash! Those who have booked most recently should also seek legal advice!

  5. I would like to clarify that this site and article is not designed for training providers to sell their ‘services’. Future repsonses which are viewed as sales pitches may be deleted.

    However, if you want to send us or post details of how you intend to genuinely help people in certain scernarios we will be generally happy to publish.

  6. Con Detective Says:

    ABBE are not the innocent broker in all this. The ABBE CEO Mr Roger Bishop was made aware of PP’s dodgy dealings at least by June 2009 bymyelf and probably by others much before that. PP has has 8 criminal cases against it and you are telling me ABBE didn’t know about that? If you want more info contact me on (email address removed)

  7. Propery professionals administrators are :

    HJS Recovery
    Business Recovery Specialists
    Telephone: 02380 234222

    In light of this, we would like to provide the following information:

    We are currently trying to establish a point of contact with the organisation to determine their legal status and in order to ensure that all portfolios are returned to candidates as quickly as possible.

    Please be advised that ABBE is only able to issue a certificate for a qualification where a formal request has been received from your assessment centre. If this request has not been received (even if you have been notified that your portfolio is complete) a certificate cannot be issued until this has been verified by an approved assessment centre.

    Further info can be found here

  8. Property Professional scam Says:

    I have been sent the following email

    Dear Mr @@@@@

    Thank you for your recent e mail. I would confirm that I was appointed Joint Administrator to the company on 3 February.

    As you aware, the company operated four training centres – Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London. It had approximated 800 trainees enrolled in its training courses. Each trainee would have paid between £5,000 and £10,000 each to undertake the training course. Many of the trainees have obtained personal finance in the way of bank loans to fund the costs of the course.

    The company was placed into Administration as it effectively ran out of money in January. Staff wages were not paid together with the rent on the company’s four premises.

    Myself and my staff attended each premises on the morning of Thursday 4 February and met with the staff and all trainees that were present. As Administrator, I do not have any funds with which to pay wages or indeed cover the costs of continuing to trade. Therefore I had no option other than to make all staff redundant and suspend the training courses.

    We explained to the staff and trainees that our intention is to find a purchaser of the business as a going concern or if that is not achievable, identify a replacement training provider. In this regard, I remain optimistic and am currently in discussion with four interested parties.

    In addition to the uncertainty about the continuation of their training and the potential loss of their money, the trainees are also concerned that their portfolios, which contain their course records, could be lost in the Administration process. I would confirm that the portfolios are secured at the company’s premises and will either be passed to the purchaser, the new training provider, or be returned to the trainees in due course.

    I appreciate that this is a very difficult time for the trainees, who face not having the training and qualifications that they have paid for and also the prospect that they have lost their money. I would like to assure the trainees and reiterate that my current priority is locating a purchaser of the business and assets or facilitating the transfer to a new training provider. At this stage, it is early days of the administration and we have not yet investigated the causes of failure or the conduct of the directors. Both of these points are part of my statutory duties and will be undertaken, however, as stated, I am currently concentrating on ensuring that any loss to the trainees is mitigated.

    I will provide an update over the course of the next week.

    Shane Biddlecombe MABRP
    t: 023 8023 4222

  9. Edmund Black Says:

    Dear Shane

    I am a trainee of property professional and I submitted my portfolio last Tuesday 2nd Feb and was told they could not take payment for assessing it. This is the last step to qualifying as a DEA.

    How do I get my portfolio back? can I rely on your company to find a buyer for the company? How do I prevent the portfolio being lost or thrown out in the rubbish?


    Edmund Black

  10. I do not really understand. We have been told that unless we get the appropriate liability insurance we would not be able to trade legally. Is not it the same with a company like PP?

  11. Can anyone advise me on what to do next? I passed my ABBE level 4 Home Inspectors Exam with HIT/PP a while back and have recently been working on putting together my portfolio. Can i now get this assessed elsewhere?


  12. Con Detective Says:

    Hi everyone. For latest info please join my mailing list (of over 200 now)

  13. What is the position of ABBE in all of this.I only found out Monday (15/2/10) by accident when emails I sent kept being returned, and the phone line was dead. I contacted the administrator who informed me to collect my finalised DEA portfolio from the London Office Thurs/Fri. I don’t know how far it has been processed. Apparently PP+ informed some people certificates had been applied for, when ABBE say they haven’t. Also I’m discovering from other sites that the “Profession” (sic) is awash with DEAs and not enough work to cover those already qualified. If that is the case why are ABBE continuing to approve all of these Training Providers which will dilute the “Profession” even further.

  14. Trevor Quinn Says:

    Below is a copy of the letter I submitted to the administrator and copied to ABBE.
    My finalised Portfolio was submitted for verification, amended as instructed, but I do not know how far along the Certification process. If I collect it from the Tolworth office, am I then back to square one regarding resubmitting it and the cost involved. If I leave it on PP+ premises, how long will it be before another buyer (if any) takes over and continues the verification. Will I incur additional costs anyway? One would hope that the Professional Body that oversees and approves these Assessment Centres (ABBE) will adopt the professional approach and send verifiers round, at no cost to students, to complete these verifications. According to their website, quote,”ABBE’s role as an Awarding Body includes approving assessment centres and send external verifiers, who make sure all the centres assess candidates fairly and consistently”..Which they have failed to do

  15. Rezene Debesu Says:

    Is there any one can Help advice me please!!!!!
    I was due to start four weeks course starting in March I paid £500 deposit. I called the training dep to book my induction phone is dead and just now I heard they bare in adminstration.
    How do I get my money back?

  16. Hi

    I’m in the same boat as many of you. It’s sickening, especially as due to illness I’m out of time on my contract. I run a Facebook group for trainees, just do a search, there is also a Google group.

    Two trainers, one from PP and another from another provider, have stated privately to me that there is no value in continuing with the qualification as there is no market for it. There also appear to be more commercial energy assessors than demand dictates. I believe, and this may not be the view of the publisher, that the inducement many of us were offered in the form of joining the HipHipHooray panel, suggested that there was more work available than has proved to be the case. I also believe that the directors had a duty of care to ensure that work was available before selling the training. As such I believe that the training was missold. Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you have a claim against the credit provider if you can prove that the product was defective or missold. Also if you paid a deposit for the course of over £100 by credit card, I am led to believe that you can claim the entire cost of the course, plus other losses, from the credit card provider. I’m not a lawyer and am just relaying what I have been told, so don’t take this to be legal advice. They are, however, avenues which you might explore and share with your respective mailing lists. I’m not selling anything, am not qualified to advise, but will pass on any links or information I have. There is also a Money Saving Expert thread on this subject which you might find useful.

  17. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your feedback. I understand the Money Saving Expert thread has been removed.

    We are of course happy for factual information to be left on all our threads and articles which will help others. There has obviously been some type of issue with regard to what was published on MSE so i would ask that people only leave commments which are factual.

    We have had a few responses where people and organisations have promoted their ‘help’ which we are trying to confirm legitamacy of, before we publish the details.

  18. This is a link to a petition on the No10 website to help everyone affected by this.

  19. Chris Strickland Says:

    I cannot believe this is happening…it is just a bombshell to me. I should have known there was something not kosher about the whole thing when the course tuition fee increased by over£1000 the day before I signed up to take the training. I first started my course to become a DEA and Home Inspector over two years ago when the company was known as HIT. I had to request an extension of training due to a family emergency and finish the classroom training at a later date only to be forced to take an extended break from revision for the final exam due to family commitments. I started revising again just last week to take the Module 6 exam (which I already paid for in advance)and when I phoned to confirm a date to sit the last module exam there was no answer….so I checked the PP website but it was simply not there. I only discovered that PP went under today. Oh man, what are we all going to do? My family made sacrifices and did without things so I could attend those classes and get my qualification. I have studied and put in many hours of work building up a portfolio and a potential business on paper. Now…there is more bad news in that the market is flooded with DEAs….I have kept receipts for all expenses incurred while on the course, so will I be able to recoup my losses?

  20. Hello all,
    I’m myself a victim of this scam, i,ve first started the course with HIT about 2 years ago and went all the way to complete the abbe exam, did my portfolio that we all know as all knows it is a lengthy task, lost my job and after that i couldn’t afford the growing cost of getting my portfolio approved, each time was an extra £200, now i have a completed portfolio waiting for the final assessment and a massive debt on a bank loan for a course that now is worthless. I have all my receipts and many expenses, any ideias on how to recoup this massive loss.

  21. Hello to all,

    We understand there are various groups, individuals and businesses trying to help affected trainees.

    Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly hard to diferentiate those who are genuinely helping and those who are trying to ‘prey’ on those who have already suffered as part of this situation. We do not want to help facilitate these people causing further pain and abusing people in this awful situation.

    So we are no longer going to allow people to request our readers to make email subscriptions, direct them to closed support groups, visit this website, contact this phone number etc etc etc. This is because it appears some people are gathering personal details to sell products, services and as you may of guessed more training.

    We rarely delete comments left, but these types of comments will either not be published or be heavily edited.

    However, we want to help use our exposure to the benefit of others affected. We are now told there are up to 2500 which have some degree of displeasure with the situation. Our site is publically viewable and there is no need to enter any personal information.

    So, if you as a group, business, organisation or individual has some advice, update etc etc feel free to post it here but not to use our site to direct them elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.

  22. To Chris Strickland- If you have payed for the ABBE exam then you MUST contact them give your details i.e Name Date of birth Postcode and tell them which qualification you have booked. they will be able to let you know if you are registered with them. If so, you will be able to sit the exam at a different centre at no further cost (except travel) Good luck.

    To Joao Costa- There are steps you can take re: your bank loan, Barclays current statement is that they are looking for a replacement training provider. If you would prefer to get your loan refunded then you need to educate yourself with the consumer credit act section 75. A good place to start with this is the consumer direct website, and Money saving expert website.

  23. I am also at DEA External Verification Level. If and when we eventually get these certificates are they really worth the paper they’re written on???? Will they get you a job??? The industry already has far more DEAs and CEAs than needed. Other training centres are still advertising these courses (at discounts). The Awarding bodies and Accreditation Schemes are still promoting their organisations with a sort of “head-in-the-sand attitude”. From the outset it always seemed a cash register was going somewhere with the add-ons. You need all these books (ker-ching) you need to pay for your exam (ker-ching) your one-to-one has timed out (ker-ching) you need to register with ABBE for the IV/EV (ker-ching) you need a Basic Disclosure(ker-ching) you need to register with an accreditation scheme (ker-ching) You will now have to pay someone else to continue the training you’ve already paid for once (ker-ching) That’s if you have any spare cash left.If you haven’t, don’t panic, a bank loan can be arranged. Then there’s the months you have already wasted training for a job with no vacancies, and an over-subscribed workforce.

  24. Why no postings since 28th Feb. Have you all got refunds and not telling.

  25. I cannot believe all these comments, and that so many people have been left in this awful position.
    My boyfriend D.Kelly signed up for this course in 2008, but tried to cancel soon after.
    I have a massive folder of complaints writing to Barclays Partner Finance and Property Professionals to which I have had no help whatsoever.
    I have had a final response letter from Barclays asking me to contact the Financial Ombudsman. I have now wrote a lengthy letter and filled out the application form with the Financial Ombudsman and I am awaiting a response…Will keep you posted.
    I am totally disgusted that both companies have been allowed to get away with this, especially the fact that Barclays can charge £2058 in interest for the sake of being 3 months late with my payment (which they were aware about as I was trying to retrive reimbursement from PP)for a course that I tried to cancel that is now in Administration.
    Barclays are now sending me letter telling me not to worry as they are trying to find me alternative training. How can they get away with this when there is no work on completion of the course anyway.
    I am totally appalled and disgusted and will keep fighting and keep sending letters until I get my money BACK.

  26. Jeff Scott Says:

    The RPSA was set up for Home Inspectors or those wishing to become Home Inspectors. Unlike DEAs the area for work as a home inspector is under subscibed, ha ha I hear you all say, but the RPSA has been working with NES,BRE ann RICS (whose average age of surveyor is 58)they are looking to bring Home Inspectors into their orginisations to help with the work load of the future. Both SAVA and BRE run courses for Home Inspectors along with many other orginisations, for anyone partly through their course it would not be disadvantagious to complete it.
    Things are moving behind the scene’s to provide work for Home Inspectors the only disadvantage is there are not enough yet qualified and the RPSA are looking to feed their membership with work via various orginisations as well as looking into the legalities and posible outcomes of legal action against the Government (Long, long haul).
    Their is a future out there, not how it was supposed to be, but non the less a future.
    You may consider me bias as a RPSA committee member but I to got caught by PP but still belive in career in surveying.
    Your career is up to you.

  27. Jeff Scott. Trying to reply to your post on EAD website. (I am D Kelly Mum).
    You smug little person. No wonder you never received a bean. Your attitude stinks. Have you not read all posts on numerous websites? People have lost all their savings, remortaged houses and have massive loans to pay. Home Inspector Training, Property Professionals and Barclays Partner Finance have a lot to answer for.
    Missold training courses financed by BFP with no cut out clauses. One week course cost my son £8800. Where do you think he should go from here??
    You must have plenty of money to move on? Hope you keep swallowing that bitter pill. You ray of Sunlight!

  28. Jeff Scott Says:

    D Kelly
    Nothing smug about it, I am simply letting people know what the circumstances are. I was caughrt by PP at Finisation stage though I had an on running battle with assements due to perdantic marking. What are you so angry about unlike others that have lost thier money you at least can continue as Barclays will move your lone to another provider.
    The advise I was trying to give people (as I ran a refubishment company in London for over 15 years which hit problems in the 90s ression as large companies did not pay their bills) was that courts do not work, the only winners are the solicitors – on both sides. Negativity will destroy you. It has cost me in excess of £15,000 and life is not easy but if you read what I put with an open mind then you will see there is hope out there – whether you like it or not

  29. I was caught up in PP scandal can you tell me a little more about RPSA and where the feed of work will come from?

    To date it seems a waste of time continuing and everyone just seems to want more money from us. However, if there is truly a good level of work i would be interested.

  30. Hi Jeff

    what sort of work is it that RPSA will be providing? is it surveying work as per the home inspector qualification. Are you saying you must join to get this work?

    Similar to Phillip i would appreciate some more information

  31. J. Scott. Sorry for being angry and negative. Just looking after my son. He does not want Barclays to provide anymore training. He just wants £8800 back for a missold product.
    Which he tried to cancel 2mths into course.
    What is RPSA.

  32. Jeff Scott Says:

    Barclays does not provide the training they suppy the finance through an agreament with PP – like buying a car. I feel for your son and everyone – including myself but that does not help. It is highly unlikely that you will get your money back – would you with a car. If not his only option is to loose it or transfer to another training provider. ABBA Emailed a list of such providers (some no longer do the course).I suggested BRE or SAVA as they are reputable and regulation authorities. Example PP offered training in valuation at £1,500.00 – RICs do it for £450.00.
    RPSA is an offshoot of FPIP- AHIP but is only for Home Inspectors or those wishing to become Home Inspectors, it is in its early stages of its formulation but is working with RICS,SAVA,NHER,BRE – which is something new to the industry. They are working to provide avenues for the Home Inspector (membership) and although nothing can be said for certain – the outlook is promissing, I hasten to use “very” as I do not want to build hopes up to much at this stage. Howerver I am a member and a committee member and if I did not think there was a future I would not be. I am committed to making a living in surveying. Incidentally non of us are paid on the committee and we all pay our own costs – which is a struggle.
    I hope your son can move forward, its not easy I know.
    RPSA membership is £10 per month – I know more money, But as I said previously I believe it will be worth it. One thing that has come out of this is that surveys will have to be willing to travell, if you only want to work in a twenty min radius of home – forget it, it will not happen
    I have actualy met several (not alot) of people making a living already out of this qualification so it is possible.
    Yes to those who have asked, RPSA will be looking at co-ordinating work and proccessing it through its membership.

  33. w alexander Says:

    Hello everybody, well i cannot believe it, i registered back in nov 08, i have got as far as my third module which i have attended but could not pass the end of module test for some unknown reason but cost me £20 each time as you know plus travelling expenses which at the end of the day adds up, i am self employed and work has been for the last year non existant nearly thats why i’m a bit behind with training and was going to apply for another end of module test and blow me down, no such number, tried to get on website, could not find then in the corner of my eye i noticed ‘GONE INTO ADMINISTRATION’, WHAT? I have been reading many comments and am absolutely astounded in finding PP have been a dishonourable organisation. I was training to level 3 non DEA, has cost me £5,800 + books and travelling like many more people, my hard earned cash has gone in a blink of an eye, this could have paid my mortgage for a year. Who do these people think they are? messing peoples lives up, fair enough there maybe alternative training company’s, but who wants to pay even more money into a system where it is completely saturated with energy assessors anyway, looks like i’m jumping on the band wagon along with everybody else to see if i can be reimbursed, good luck everyone and here’s hoping.

  34. Jeff Scott Says:

    W Alexander – sorry to hear of your misfortune, I only found out myself when SAVA sent me a message from FPIP, luckier than others I was at the end of the training, though I have still had to find another provider for finaisation.

    For those prospective HIs out there. RPSA has sent out a news letter (1 a month). It is rolling out a pilot exercise to be followed by a national initiative (subject to learning) in the summer. It has direct relationships with 16,000 law firms and have set a target of 1 condition report a day for members through reports of SAVA and BRE,if we want to do RICS report we have to be members.
    There are some very infuencial people working in the background for the HIs, One is mentioned by this site at the beging of its artical.
    The news letter is rather long and contains alot more information over different topics, but I thought this would be of the most interest to you.

  35. Hi Jeff,

    Am afraid i remain very sceptical though with good reason from what i am witnessing in the aftermath of this disgraace.

    How did FPIP get your details to send you a letter?

    Subject to learning, is that meaning more training and more money?

    It has direct relationship with 16,000 solicitors sounds similar to our sister company will give you work.

    I have spoken to DEAs who are not doing 1 EPC per day which makes your claims of 1 HCR a day a bit ridiculous if you do the sums.

    It is starting to smell a bit fishy to me but i will reserve judgement completely to a hear the complete story. Does sound as if they are saying pay us more money and we will provide you with a return. Granted i bet it is small fry compared to the sums i and others have already paid.

  36. Jeff Scott Says:

    Hi Phillip

    I completly understand your sceptisism. This is not happening over night.
    FPIP got my details via SAVA whom I an regeristard with.

    Subject to learning, a trail run is taking place in June and subject to how that performs it will be unfolded nationally latter in the summer.

    DEAs will not as there is tomany of them (about 5 times), there is a shortfall of domestic surveyors of around 6,000 – that includes RICS

    Sorry I am not sure what is ment by your next paragraph. What I can say is RPSA is working to pull solicitors (as it is their duty to inform buyers)and estate agents into seeing the vertue of the HCR. Which magazine is also on board (which it wasn’t with RICS original surveys).
    RPSA is also looking at providing avertising + ad packages and courses and support for its members to source work independantly.
    RPSA is £120 a year (£10 a month), I paid alot more to SAVA- honestly cannot remeber (will have to look it up).If you want work from RICS you will have to pay to be a member but fist you have to get ARICS (£450).
    I looked at it this way – to what I have already paid out is it worth giving it a chance or do I jack it all in?
    This is the line of work I want to be in – I understand your reservations, I just decided to be positive

  37. I fail to understand how ABBE could close their eyes to the fact that PP+ had so many criminal cases and complaints against them and still allow them to trade. A lot of people have lost a lot of money because of PP+’s negligence putting them into a lot of debt and for me personally it took them so long to enrol me on the next module it was impossible to complete the course within the 8 months and this is what Barclays are holding you to so as not to compensate you for the money. I am going all the way to be reimbursed for the money I have put in because it was a lot of money that I did not have. I hope Barclays are ready for the backlash that will be coming. I am not interested in Storma because I now have no faith in PP or Storma (as far as I am concerned they are PP in disguise).

  38. Jeff Scott Says:

    I fully understand your frustration, is was (cannot speak for Stroma) imposible to complete in the given time scale as PP (Home inspector training) where geared to prolong the training to make more money. Since their demise it has taken me 5 months to get my portfolio signed off (didn’t need any work)
    As a committee member of the RPSA we have put on the back burner any form of legal restitution – as it will be long winded, and expensive. Instead we have gone for creating work fields for Home Inspectors – a pilot is being run out in June on the strength of the outcome it will be run out nationaly.
    With the demise of HIPs the HIP companies are looking for another avenue -HCS!!!!. Many institutes are turning towards the take up of HCSs so although the Government did notmake them mandatory it looks like they will come in through the back door.
    It will be about August before any conclusive news will be forthcoming.

  39. scam thay are scum of the earth pp these people should be jaild . theres no chance of work anyway the market is flooded with assessers we have all been mislead and missold

  40. please help i paid for my training by cheque, anybody no any way i can get it bak?????

  41. I am caught up in this with additional legal fees acruing. I was due to start my training in Birmingham on the 8th Feb 2010 and found out about the fiasco on the Saturday night.
    We have been fighting this all through last year and details are currently with the financial ombudsman, but it doesn`t look promising.
    I have just heard that someone has managed to win their case against this to cancel the loan agreement. I have been looking around various sites trying to find details to help me, but no luck so far.
    If anyone can poin me in the right direction I would be grateful.

  42. Wow. Incredibly useful information discovered here. Bookmarked. Saved me from further scouring.

  43. Ive got good news. I too was scammed with PP. having had a loan with Barclays. I exchanged 3 letters with barclays who ended up saying they were un willing to give me any money back. It went to the ombudsman and has been going on over 12 months. Ive heard this week that barclays are now going to give me a full refund as a “gesture of good will” To anybody who has had a loan through BARCLAYS there is hope do not give up.

  44. Fantastic news Ade
    how did you manage it? I am still waiting for the FOS but so far have not had any joy- theyt are not agreeing with me!

  45. linda, whos not agreeing with you? Barclays or ombudsman?

  46. My son is having to pay back a £7000 loan financial ombudsman ombudsman and barclays very un helpful he only had 3 weeks into the course it stinks

  47. I have also recieved a full refund from bpf thanks to the financial ombudsman service.They initially recomended that i would not have to pay for the last 2 modules but then reviewed it again and bpf have agreed to a full refund . Dont give up! Try the Fos!

  48. i remain very sceptical though with good reason from what i am witnessing in the aftermath of this disgraace.

  49. Quote ade Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Ive got good news. I too was scammed with PP. having had a loan with Barclays. I exchanged 3 letters with barclays who ended up saying they were un willing to give me any money back. It went to the ombudsman and has been going on over 12 months. Ive heard this week that barclays are now going to give me a full refund as a “gesture of good will” To anybody who has had a loan through BARCLAYS there is hope do not give up.

    Would love to know what you did to get the refund as I have tried the financial ombudsman no luck using sec75
    trie unafordable and irresponsible lending still
    waiting. I have now been fighting this for 3 years

  50. How many success stories getting refunds back on this? I ended up working different fields, giving up on the going self employed and making the promised riches as an energy assessor and instead being saddled with increased debt rather than having the ability to improve quality of life.
    Totally agree with comments about the course and benefits being totally mis-sold to the trainees !!!! Still furious about it to be honest ….. so, how to claim back the outlay, and perhaps even interest on the amount lost !!!!

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