Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a DEA

Continuing Professional Development continues to be a ‘hot topic’ within the domestic energy assessor industry; with accreditation schemes auditing their members and DEAs looking to provide evidence of the required CPD hours.

We were very happy to announce we had been asked to help design a website for Continuing Professional Development for those in the industry in a previous article ‘What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Domestic Energy Assessors?’; and even more pleased to be able to say it is now live !!

Within the industry there has been much talk of standardisation of CPD requirements accross the accreditation schemes and how this could be achieved. CPD Register goes some way towards helping achieve this by providing a user friendly platform and a website completely and solely focused on CPD related to those within the energy assessment industry.

The concept of CPD Register has quickly been embraced by the majority of the accreditation schemes. The following schemes have signed up within the first week of the site being live:

  • BRE
  • ECMK
  • HVCA
  • Northgate
  • SAVA
  • Stroma

The remaining 3 accreditation schemes, namely Elmhurst, Quidos & RICS are yet to respond but it is hoped they will see the benefits of the site and take advantage of the opportunity.

SAVA and ECMK generously made a financial contribution towards the set up costs and also invested their time within the beta testing stage of the site.  This input was thoroughly welcomed and was most helpful with the development of the site.

Also, it should be recognised and credit given to the Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors for the initial idea, the considerable time contributed by the committee and the financial investment made towards providing a targetted CPD solution which will undoubtedly help industry professionals.

CPD Register offers a simple way of planning and recording your CPD online with an option to upload your chosen evidence and is FREE to register as an individual Energy Assessor and/or Home Inspector.

In summary, CPD register provides:

  • Easy way to plan and record your CPD
  • Details of accreditation schemes
  • Details of CPD Register associated training providers
  • Diary of upcoming training courses
  • Diary of upcoming CPD courses
  • Diary of upcoming industry seminars, conferences, exhibitions and events
  • Resources of relevant CLG documents

Join CPD Register

We feel CPD Register provides a great resource for CPD as a DEA and hope if appropriate you can benefit from it.

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