Buying a house – how to make the right decision

It would appear that guides on selling a property abound both on the internet and in other literature; yet to find advice on how to buy a house is seemingly difficult. Often buyers found they made decisions for the wrong reason, so here we take a look at some important points to be considered when looking for that dream home.

Good looks can hide a multitude of pitfalls
The seller will have followed all the advice given and made the property look and feel as impressive as possible. While this is no bad thing it does tend to act as a cover for what may lie beneath; shiny surfaces can hide many cracks.

For this reason the viewer must keep an open mind and not be swayed by the level of furnishing in the home. Remember that it will be emptied when the current inhabitant leaves, and that a bare shell will be left for the buyer to fill.

Only take into account what is part of the deal, no matter how difficult the stunning décor may make it.

Think outside of the box
It is easy to become fixated upon a particular address and, in doing so, to miss the gem of a house that may be sitting around the corner. Location is of prime importance but a postcode is just that; for the sake of a few yards the perfect property may be overlooked.

Buyers should have a good look around a location before making a decision as even the best postcode can come laden with pitfalls; the excellent school may be offset thanks to a lack of other facilities, for instance, and that all important address may prove not to be the draw it was thought to be.

Time of day makes a difference
Sellers will take the trouble to make sure a potential buyer views at the time of day when the house and location are at their best; a place may be beautiful and quiet during the late afternoon, yet busy and overcrowded in the evening or at night. Even in the country a sparsely populated locale may become a busy highway at other times as tourists and visitors flock to the area.

It is vital to visit a favoured house at various times of the day, and at the weekend as well as in the week, to get a feel for how the area may change at different times.

The country is a different place
Moving from town to country can be fraught with problems, more so than vice versa. A small village may seem like an idyllic when you visit, but behind the façade can be a variety of pitfalls.

Farms and other agricultural establishments may seem like quaint relics that go hand in hand with country life but come embellished with a variety of issues that may not be evident when visiting. Likewise small villages may be charming and attractive yet are often found sadly lacking in the facilities that those brought up in a different environment may consider essential.

In addition it may prove more difficult to build onto a house in a rural area as planning restrictions may be applied more rigorously. Check with local authorities before committing to what may prove a big mistake.

There is more to buying a house than simply finding one that looks and feels right as it must be equally as attractive once one has moved in. Talk to neighbours, ask in shops, spend some time in the area before making a move; that way it may be possible to discover some previously unseen pitfalls before it is too late.

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