We have updated to WordPress WP 2.7

For those technically minded we have recently upgraded our blog to wordpress 2.7 from 2.5.1. Whilst we were happy with the general performance of 2.5.1 I did had concerns we would be left behind with new additions to 2.7. and was very curious to see the expanded additions in the interface.

So far, just 24 hours since upgrading I have started to experience and have been quite enjoying the shiny new interface style. One of the technical reason I wanted to upgrade was an issue we were having redirecting the blog feed with a popular Feedburner plugin which is now owned by google. Funnily, enough I have not as yet checked whether this issue has disappeared with WP 2.7 and will probably tackle this issue by utilising the capabilities of .htaccess rather than adding yet another plugin which it is well know can negatively affect performance.

Upgrading I find can be a stressful process due to the infrequency that we carry this out, along with the horror stories that do circulate from time to time. However, the process went quite smoothly and had the re-assurance of a full back up in place; yes including the full database.

WordPress’s extended instructions on upgrading were generally easy to follow accept for what I felt were a few ambiguous sentences.  The important upgrade.php command and the successful message thereafter was pleasantly received.

Once within the interface I was quite surprised at the level of changes within the interface and have yet to decide whether they are big improvements, if at all. A couple of the plugins we run also needed updating  and a small amount of work with our past customisation of these so they are running as planned.

In summary, the upgrade went smoothly and the effort involved will hopefully be repaid in a short period. As a big fan of wordpress I look forward to the continued development, but lets not do it too soon.

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