US Rolls Out Red Carpet for International Property Investors

Led by Obama, the USA is rolling out the red carpet for international property investors.

Easier to obtain international mortgages, tax eliminating vehicles, increased protections for property investors, and tearing down immigration barriers all adds up to fueling the American real estate market, and making it even more attractive for global investors.

Obama Flies a New Welcome Banner

Obama’s new message is a massive invitation to “come and stay.” While not popular with everyone in the USA, President Obama’s new executive action on immigration is sure to have a substantial and positive impact on the US property market. The new 10 point action and immigration reform is set to delay deportations and enable an estimated 5 to 11 million immigrants to stay in the country and expand demand for housing. This lead also suggests a far easier path to migrating to, and staying in America for tens of million more individuals.

For international property investors this increased need for housing is sure to lift property values and rents, while significantly enhancing the side benefits of owning investment real estate in the USA.

New International Mortgage Loans for Investing in the USA

While borrowers all over the globe have struggled to obtain mortgage credit in recent years, America’s new international mortgage programs for foreign property investors are among the most attractive and easy to obtain in the world.

The US government has recently been applying increased pressure on national banks and lenders to relax underwriting demands, and make more low interest rate loans. Lenders are listening, but have apparently be following the president’s lead in first reducing the obstacles for foreign national borrowers.

International property investors can now take advantage of overseas mortgages via international firms based at home or in third party countries, as well as from US based banks and lenders like which provide foreign national loans for bulk acquisitions of rental property and entire apartment buildings, including non-resource loans.

Tax Saving Vehicles for Real Estate Investors

While there are many options for organizing offshore to optimize tax benefits for international property investors, for those that qualify the USA also has some unique tax saving and eliminating tools.

This includes 1031 exchanges which allow investors to restructure portfolios, and sell and buy investment property without incurring tax charges. Then there are self-directed IRA retirement accounts which enable individuals to build and grow funds for retirement through investing in real estate while enjoying tax deferred and even tax free returns.

New Protections for International Property Investors

New regulations and mortgage fraud tax forces have been activated in the wake of the recent crises in order to crack down and prevent issues; providing increased safety and confidence for investors.

Top US Markets for International Property Investors

New York was recently credited with regaining its title for attracting the most global real estate investment capital. London was second.

As the foreclosure crisis winds down, Chicago continues to stand out with incredible value, and with some of the best growth prospects as investors regain confidence and return to continue the city’s legacy.

The final gates and pieces for completing the Panama Canal Extension were recently received; promising a massive economic lift for property values and demand for real estate in Miami, Florida.

Altogether these factors make for an incredibly exciting and beneficial time to invest in US property, with potential for historic first perks.

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