The buy to let king’s secret; avoids flats

Interested in property? be sure to watch this great interview if you have not seen it with Renegade Economist and the ‘man who owns 900 houses’, it is sure to make you smile.

The interview is full of some great quotes which can certainly not be described as politically correct. However, Fergus Wilson could not be accused of not answering the questions poised.

There are numerous comical moments when the interviewer completely fails to connect with Fergus.

Fergus reminds us of someone but we have been unable to put our finger on exactly who it is.

Thanks to The Rat and Mouse for bringing this to our attention.

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4 Responses to “The buy to let king’s secret; avoids flats”

  1. Fergus Wilson is comical beyond belief. How does he not see how funny some of his dreadful comments are?

  2. I want to be me Fergus Wilson, only problem is i am slightly human 🙂

  3. I bet Fergus Wilson’s tenants really love their landlord after seeing this. Imagine if they all stopped paying their rent, who would be poor then.

  4. 2:04 Ross’s reaction to Fergus says volumes.

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