Daily Express acknowledge oversupply of energy assessors

The Daily Express have responded to complaints about an article where they discussed the possibility of becoming a property professional including various roles within the energy assessor industry. We recently wrote about the complaints raised, Training as a property professional – energy assessors express outrage.

Two professional organisations, the Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA) and The Insitiute of Home Inspectors (IHI) joined forces in challenging the details and implications made within the ‘article’ by Ben West ‘Assess your options’ after numerous complaints from their members.

The Daily Express have acted quickly in publishing their clarification after correspondence from the two professional organisations and initial submissions to the Press Complaints Commision.

The Daily Express today made the following statement in their newspaper:

Energy assessors & Home Inspectors

We wish to clarify information given in our October 15 “expresscareers” article headed “Assess your options”.

The Institute of Home Inspection (IHI) www.ihi.org.uk and The Institute of Energy Assessors (IDEA) point out that the article incorrectly implies that there remain many opportunities within the industry for new entrants. The government state that 3,000 Energy Assessors are required for a normal housing market. There are already more than 13,000. The situation is broadly similar in the commercial sector, which is oversubscribed by a factor of 5.

Numerous businesses in the sector particularly HIP providers have already failed. Further HIP stands for Home Information Pack and not Home Improvement Pack as the article incorrectly stated.

When considering a career as an energy assessor or home inspector regard should be had to the current and future demand in an already over subscribed profession.

Further information can be found at


Well done to all those individuals and their representative bodies that were involved in challenging the article and gaining the above subsequent statement from the Daily Express. Maybe it will be a new dawn of honest representation of the industry by the main stream press.

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