Moving House? Storage Advice

If you’re currently in the process of trying to sell your home and are looking to move to another property, then space and storage will become a major part in this process. When selling your home you want to make it look as spacious as possible and having things packed away ready can help speed up the moving process. Equally, if you are downsizing, you’ll need to start thinking about just what you do/don’t need in your new home.

When selling your home try to look round it as a potential buyer will and envision what they will think to the cluttered living room and the bedroom that you have to squeeze into because of all the boxes. Even though the buyer (in most cases) won’t be buying the house with the furniture, it is important to create a good first impression as they will be trying to picture themselves living in this house.

Therefore, decluttering your home is a must before you put your house on the market, and even though it will seem like a major task, it will be worth it in the end, both for your house sale and your big move.

What shall I put in storage?

Have a walk around your house and look at what could be put in storage to create more space and reduce the amount of clutter. For example, if you have a small room with lots of larger pieces of furniture, look at putting some of these in storage to create an airy feel to the room. Equally, if you have anything in the room that is quite bold in colour, it may be a good idea to move this out temporarily as it is thought that neutral colours help to sell a home.

And, before you start decluttering all of your visible clutter into cupboards and wardrobes around the house, think again! Potential buyers will want to look in any fitted storage spaces, so make sure these are clutter-free too as plenty of storage space will appeal to buyers – particularly female ones!

If you don’t have much space to move your clutter to, speak to family and friends to see if they have any spare room in their garages/lofts/basements on a temporary basis. If not, storage space can be hired for short periods of time (some companies even offer it for as little as one week), providing you with a great space to put all of your unwanted clutter in until you move.

Storage Tips for Moving Day

When it comes to packing up ready for your big move, follow these handy tips to make your life easier:

  • Choose good solid boxes that will be sturdy enough to withstand moving and transport.
  • For delicate items such as glasses/plates opt for packaging with plenty of strength and support. Carefully pack all of these items into the boxes before adding in as much additional padding as possible. (Bubble wrap is a better padding than tissue paper).
  • For heavier items, e.g. books, it’s a good idea to pack these into several smaller boxes instead of large ones so you can carry them with more ease. Equally, to keep the spines in good condition, pack the books horizontally.

Storage in Your New Home

When it comes to unpacking everything in your new home this is the ideal time to get everything right storage wise so your home doesn’t become as cluttered as it may have before.

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Look for places you can store things away out of sight, e.g. in wardrobes, under beds and so on.

If you have got a lot of bits and bobs you need to store then look into purchasing things like blanket boxes, beds with drawers underneath and other items of furniture that have storage built in. A wardrobe is ideal for extra storage and doesn’t take up too much room – you can hang all those spare clothes up and fold and pack things up underneath these.

Equally, in the kitchen, try to organise all your storage space effectively – don’t just pile all your utensils in one drawer without any sort of divider as it will become a task to find any of the smaller items. Use drawer separators or divide things up into logical drawers – e.g. one for utensils, one for the best cutlery and one for cooking items such as wooden spoons.

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