Selling Your Home Using Images

The decision as to whether or not a potential buyer views your home could be resting on the images that have been used to advertise your property online. Increasingly, property buyers are scouring the internet for their dream home; entering their criteria and choosing the ones they want to view at the click of a button. But is your house showcasing itself well enough through these images?

When a potential buyer is viewing properties online they could be using state of the art screens and computers which will show the images in high definition – but if your property hasn’t been professionally photographed and you haven’t paid attention to the finer details then you could be losing out on those all-important viewings. Therefore, you need to bear in mind that the first impression buyers are going to be getting of your home are through these images so preparation before they are taken is essential.

With the average UK home costing £150,000 it’s a massive investment for anyone to undertake, and any other product of a similar price would never be marketed without exceptional imagery to compliment it. The images you choose to market your house need to be of a high quality, reflecting the selling price that you are asking for. Taking the time to present your home well within your photos should lead to more interest and an easier, quicker sale.

Tips for Showcasing Your Home through Images

Light bulbs

It may seem trivial but light bulbs that aren’t working will stand out on images and the lighting of the room is important in how it looks visually.
Bookcases – try to declutter these of anything other than books; whilst it may be a good place to store bits and pieces, e.g. children’s toys, papers and so on, it will create a much better image if you have the bookcase lined with neatly arranged books.


Keep all sideboards, dressing tables and other surfaces around your home free of any unnecessary clutter, they should be clean and tidy.
Plastic bottles – try and remove these off the sides, especially things like soap dispensers and washing up liquid bottles. If you have feature soap dispensers or colourful soap bottles then leave these to add to the overall décor.


Remove any sort of paper from the sideboards and windowsills including birthday cards, wedding invites, newspapers, magazines and other clutter. Equally, if you have a cluttered notice board or fridge magnets then try and empty these to create a more organised, clean space.


Use these to enhance the décor of the room by folding them on a bathroom surface or folding them neatly over towel rails. Don’t leave them draped over the bath or hung untidily on hooks in the bathroom. Equally, make sure shower screens and mirrors in the bathroom are clean and streak free.

Odd furniture

If there are any items of furniture in your home that you’re unsure of and don’t feel really fit in with the overall look and feel of the property then try and remove these before you have the photographs taken.


These are a great way to sell your home and to capture the attention of the type of buyer you think would be interested in the property. For example, if you have a country kitchen, having things such as a loaf of homemade bread or vegetables on the side could compliment the style of the home. Equally, in a more contemporary home, use colourful bottles/glasses to compliment the minimalistic edge you have in your kitchen.


If you have pets try to remove evidence of them as this won’t appeal to everybody. Things such as dog bowls, cages and baskets should be out of sight for photos.


It’s a good idea to think about opening these, particularly if it’s a summer’s day when the photos are taken as this will create airiness, and showcase how well your home ties in with your garden.

External shots

If you think your home looks more impressive from a certain angle then ask the photographer to take it from there. Don’t be afraid to have an image from the back garden (particularly if your garden is impressive) – the idea is to draw the buyer in to look at more of your home.


Whilst you do need to declutter your home, don’t make it look unlived in. You need to show how easy it is to settle into this home and what a comfortable place it is to live. Additionally, don’t be afraid to add splashes of colour to the rooms; this can help create a much more impressive feel than natural colours.

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