Home improvements – which add the most value?

The prevailing climate in the housing world has led to falling prices and difficulty in selling. For those who need to sell, there are a number of improvements that can aid the chances of success as well as those that are simply a waste of time and money.

Keeping things to economical levels is paramount in these difficult times, and the following ideas are not ones that will cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The kitchen
It is universally agreed that the kitchen represents a major selling point where buyers are concerned and while it may not be economical to fit an entirely new one the ability to do so is a certain way to boost ones chances of selling.

Less expensive alternatives include fitting fresh worktops as these can become stained and worn over time, and the option of replacing cupboard doors is increasingly popular as the old cupboard bases are retained.

Flooring can be replaced relatively cheaply in most kitchens, and a fresh floor covering makes an immediate impression, while investing in new on-show appliances is also a cost effective way of brightening up a kitchen.

Parking space
Of particular interest in urban areas, a parking space is a very powerful selling point for any home. The security and convenience of off-road parking adds to the value of a property as well as to its desirability with potential buyers, and it need not be prohibitively expensive to create one or to renovate a space for this purpose.

It doesn’t need to be said that a caravan or old car standing on a driveway is not a great selling point and by removing such space-eating items can create an aura of greater space that leads to a more positive impression.

In brief, if you do have a parking space then make sure it is on show.

The garden
While a full garden make-over has been dismissed as an expensive investment that adds nothing to the value of a property, the importance pf keeping outdoor space presentable still needs to be enhanced.

A tidy but simple garden is less daunting than one that appears to be high maintenance and, as with interior rooms, the beauty of a ‘blank canvas’ is that the viewer is able to see where they can make a mark on the garden.

Simple tips such as cutting back dead leaves and decorating the garden with a few well placed hanging baskets go a long way and cost very little in the grand scheme of things.

Interior space
Depending on the design of your property it may be possible to open up space and create an open plan feel rather than retaining enclosed rooms. The open plan look is very popular these days and also enables rooms to appear lighter and bigger.

Indeed, if one is reasonably handy at regular DIY the removal of a non-supporting wall and fitment of stylish doors can be a cost effective way of adding to the usable space of a property.

The current market does give rise for people to consolidate their position. If one can add value to your home during this period, equity can be added and taken advantage of when you do choose to move.

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