Five great things about retirement

If you’re already looking forward to retirement, this will just be extra encouragement but, if you’re one of those few people having concerns, you might want to take a closer look at just what retirement living can offer.

Here we have 5 great points to look forward to.

1. Free time

First of all, nothing defines retirement living quite like free time. To put this in perspective, imagine all of the work you do now. If you don’t have a day job, you’re looking after younger family members or keeping up the maintenance on a large family home. Take all of this away and you have much more free time for what you want to do for yourself, not what you need to do for others.

Of course, you’ll need a way to pay for the pursuits you take up in your free time which requires sound financial planning. There has been a lot of talk concerning pensions lately and those approaching retirement should look closely at what they can expect to draw from private and state pension pots once they leave work. Younger individuals can potentially expect a 33% income hike in their retirement if reports from a leading pension consultancy are to be believed.

2. Independence

Similarly, this focus on yourself over others means retirement gives you plenty of control and independence. This is the one aspect many don’t consider as they think of care-homes rather than their own place. Yet if you do a quick search for retirement homes for sale online you can find plenty of available options. It will be well-sized and well located but, more importantly, it will be yours.

3. Care

Of course, care will also be a concern. Fortunately, independence and freedom do not make any sacrifices where this is concerned. Dedicated flats or homes for retired people often offer additional health and care services, such as assisted living, which allow you to live comfortably where you want. Again, this is different to the old method of communal care homes as it retains your independence, privacy and control where possible.

4. Social life

Although the abundance of free time has already been mentioned, there are some people who don’t like being alone. Again, the right choice of home can easily fix this. Buying into an area of similarly aged people, such as where retirement homes tend to be sold, puts you in direct contact with other people in the same boat as you.

Yet your freedom and privacy means you’re not forced to socialise. It’s all about control, so you can venture as much or as little as you want towards the local community.

5. Family

Finally, even if they’ve left the home and forged homes of their own, your family are still family. Retirement is not isolation – in fact, if anything, it’s the opposite. With retirement living, the freedom means children can see you when they want without having to worry about your care or other needs. This makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere where everyone involved can simply get on with enjoying life.

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