5 Ways to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Garden

During the summer we love to spend as much time as we can in our gardens but this may not be the case if your garden lacks that little bit of wow factor. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to help improve the look and feel of your garden ranging from the very big to the small and inexpensive.

Here in our latest article we look at a few ways that home owners can help improve the look and feel of their garden as well as potentially adding value to it.

Weeding and tidying

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to improve the look of your garden is to make sure you keep up on the maintenance of it. A simple and well-presented garden will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is ideal if you are entertaining guests. If you have wild untamed boarders make sure you clear them out of any weeds and trim back any plants and shrubs.

BBQ area

During the summer months there is nothing better to use a garden for than having a BBQ. Despite the unpredictable nature of the British weather BBQ’s are a popular past time and something that everyone looks forward to. Building a specific area in your garden means that you will be ready to host a BBQ at a moment’s notice for your friends and family while also providing a key selling point to your garden.


Paving is a simple and effective way to cover up unsightly areas while also allowing you to create pathways around your garden. Many garden centres offer you the chance to buy used paving stones which means that it can be relatively inexpensive to hide certain parts of your garden. Paving stones can be used around the boarders of your garden to make walkways while also providing a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing look.

Water Feature

With a slow property market and an increase in socialising at home it means that more people are looking to invest in their gardens and water features add style and sophistication to any garden. There are endless options to choose from you which means you are spoilt for choice with what to do depending on your budget. If you are looking to invest a large amount of money then a hot tub or Jacuzzi would be the way to go but if you want something a bit more traditional then a pond could be the answer.

Alternatively if you are looking for something a bit different then a water featured coupled with a decent water pump, available from Pumping Solutions, is a really good option. Whatever type of water feature you chose it can prove to be a valuable asset to your home.

Summer house

Depending on the size and location of your garden you could look to invest in a summer house, especially if you have the sun starring down on you in the back garden during those long summer evenings.

A summer house will provide some much needed shade during the summer and an ideal storage solution during the winter. Kit out your summer house with patio furniture to give your garden a real communal area feel to it. You could also look to add electrics to it in order to have additional lighting and somewhere to plug some speakers into so you can relax in the garden with music.  Despite incurring an initial cost a summer house is a great investment to your garden and will certainly add value to it.

While there are many more ways in which you can add value to your garden mixing and matching a few of the above tips will certainly help create a new look and feel, it’s just left for you to decide what you want to do!

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