5 Step Guide to Creating Summer Garden Envy

As the sun beams down during the warm summer months, what better way to pass the time than by being out in your garden with friends and family? Relaxing, having a few drinks and ultimately enjoying each other’s company is the perfect way to celebrate the good weather, but what happens if your outside space is letting you down.

Dry, parched and yellow grass? Overgrown flowerbeds? A lack of an eye catching focal point? These are all problems that could affect the enjoyment of your garden both for yourself and your guests. But all is not lost though, as this five step guide, created by the team at Namgrass, runs through how you can transform your garden for summer 2014 and it make the envy of all your neighbours;

Make Dry, Yellow Lawns a Thing of the Past

There is nothing worse, as the weather warms up, than seeing your luscious green grass turning to a far less appealing yellow tone as the lack of water dries it out. If this has been a common problem for you in recent years, the perfect solution is available that will leave you with beautifully green grass all year round, no matter what the weather.

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular with homeowners up and down the country thanks to its similarities to the appearance of real grass, the fact it will stay looking exactly the same come rain or shine and also due to the reduced need for maintenance compared to the real thing.

There will be no need to dig out the mower at regular intervals throughout the summer and you can enjoy the beautiful appeal of green all year round.

Create Focal Point with Water

It can be difficult to develop a focal point within a garden as there are so many features which make up the space, yet a beautiful water feature is arguably one of the most effective methods of achieving this. There are many different varieties of water feature design available, which can suit you no matter what the size of your garden.

From stunning rockeries with water cascading down them to ponds that welcome wildlife into your garden or a simple fountain located in the centre of your (artificial) lawn, whichever option you choose you can feel confident that it will create the ultimate wow factor within your space.

Develop a Designated Seating Area

If you’re planning on inviting friends and family over to dine al fresco during the summer months, it makes sense to have a designated area of the garden where you can sit down and eat together in complete comfort.

Developing a specific area of your garden for seating, whether this be with a table and chairs for dining or alternatively an area for sun loungers where you can soak up the sun, can create a stylish section of your garden that will instantly catch the eye of all those who visit.

Make it Vibrant and Colourful

A garden should be vibrant and exciting, and the easiest way of making this happen is through the choice of flowers you choose. Flowerbeds bursting with bright, colourful flowers can instantly lift the mood of any outside space and are one of the simplest methods of creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons are just two great options to add a splash of colour to your summer garden, and you mustn’t forget hanging baskets to decorate walls on your home and shed as well as pot plants situated on decked or patio areas as well as alongside pathways for added visual effect.

Go For It and Splash Out

If you are feeling particularly extravagant and really want to make a statement with your garden this summer and for many more to come, you could really splash out on a couple of features which will undoubtedly leave your garden a cut above the rest.

For instance, an outdoor swimming pool, if you have the space, will not only look great and provide hours of fun, but can also add to the value of your property. If space doesn’t allow for the installation of a swimming pool, how about a hot tub that makes the perfect spot to relax on a warm summer’s day with a glass of bubbly to hand, and can in fact be used all year round?

By following this five step guide, or by implementing just one or two of the options explored, you can make your garden the envy of family, friends and neighbours this summer, whilst also leaving you with an outdoor space you can enjoy throughout the warmer weather and beyond.

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with Namgrass; one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality artificial grass that both looks and feels just like the real thing.

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