Have you joined the LED lighting revolution?

You may have heard the new buzzword in the lighting world? So what is so great about LEDs??

Quite simply LEDs are the future for home and business lighting. As traditional light bulbs are gradually phased out, the answer is not to switch to energy saving light bulbs, but to invest in LED technology.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are made up of small chips contained within the body of the bulb, and it is this technology that provides the light. As traditional light bulbs produce light, they also produce a large amount of heat – in fact around 90% of the energy used is turned into heat, which is a massive waste of energy consumption.

LEDs produce very little heat when in use. This means their energy consumption is extremely low, so kinder to the environment, and even better news is that this energy saving is reflected in lower lighting bills! It also means that LEDs are a safer choice (good news for landlords concerned about their property) as they don’t over heat and can be used in spaces that traditional lighting can not. Unlike energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs light up instantly, so no annoying wait for bulbs to warm up before you can see in a room, and more importantly they do not contain harmful chemicals.

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A common misconception about LED lighting is that an electrician is required to make the switch. This is generally not the case, as most spotlights and bulbs are a retro fit – meaning users can easily remove the old bulb and replace with a new LED bulb. The quality of LED lighting has vastly improved in recent years too. If you still associate harsh blue-tinged light with LEDs you are in for a very pleasant surprise!

New LED lighting comes in a choice of colours – cool white for a clear bright light, warm white for a warmer light and new daylight which is softer option from cool white, with a tint of warm white – so something in between. LED strip lighting is also growing increasingly popular and this comes in a much wider choice of colours such as pink, blue, red and orange – great chance to become creative with home lighting!

LED lighting is also a popular choice for gardens – with LED floodlights, decking lights, spike lights taking over from traditional forms of lighting. The great news is that LED lighting lasts up to 15 times longer than traditional light bulbs, so perfect for using in hard to reach places as they won’t need to be changed for a long, long time…..

Finally, if you are now ready to make the switch to LED lighting, don’t be put off by their cost – YES, they are more expensive than spots and bulbs you have bought before, but consider that using LEDs will save around 90% on your lighting bills, and in addition LED lighting will rarely need to be changed – the cost savings are instant!

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