A Twitter on the UK Property Market

I have decided to join in the Twitter revolution on behalf of HIP-Consultant.co.uk. We are probably a little behind the times in utilising this great online information sharing tool but better late than never. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time to people you would like to ‘follow’ or allow to ‘follow’ you.

twitter logoInitially we will be using Twitter to stay informed of updates from sites and blogs we regularlry read. This is already paying dividends allowing us quickly and easily to see and read what is happening and as it is published. So, after the first few days we have gained a few followers and are when time allows looking for others whom participate in our related field to follow.

I would like to thank Tessa at Landlordlaw for being our first person to follow us on Twitter. Tessa manages a great website providing many resources and articles as you may have guessed about Landlord Law. Soon, after we have added Mark Harrison who writes about Uk Property Investment and features many insightful articles.

This morning i came accross another great blog written by Martin Brown after he posted a good thought provoking article on our wikizine we publish at Zimbio regarding Energy Peformance Certificates. Martin blogs about the built environment and has some interesting reading on zero carbon initiatives at his site Fairsnape.

In comparision to exisiting established users our followers list does look fairly sparse at present though it really is early days. However, we are keen to spend some time finding the right twitterers to follow and will be focusing on quality rather than quantity. I will be updating our Twitter ideally every day and who knows where it may go.

So what do we plan to do with Twitter:

  • Update our followers with articles published both on our blog and at Ezines.
  • Update about news from HIP-Consultant.co.uk
  • Detail related UK Property News we find of interest and our followers hopefully will appreciate.
  • Find and network with others within our niche. Could this be the end to emails?

It is also being discussed that we could possibly use Twitter to advertise vacancies for DEAs to supply EPC(s) within the UK.

For now there certainly seems to be a benefit in trialing Twitter and i will be updating both our ‘Twitter’ and our blog on our progress.

If you have never heard of Twitter or as we have been doing, dragging your heels in joining, now is the time to do so and be sure to add HIP-Consultant.co.uk to your follow list. You can also subscibe to our RSS feed with your preferred RSS reader through clicking the RSS icon in the top right or by following this link.

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