HIP Reform Group Launched

David Pett has started a pro-HIP organisation named the HIP Reform Group which has been recently promoted to many DEAs, HIP providers and industry professionals.

What made you establish the HIP Reform Group?

David Pett stated,

“I took this action as I became frustrated by the political spin and half truths emanating from the Conservative Party and how I feel the end user i.e. the consumer is being misled.

I also took this action in response to calls from colleagues and customers who felt the same way but did not have at their disposal the time and resources to get this group off the ground.

The primary purpose of the group is as an information provider and as a focus point for likeminded people.”

Organisations and businesses positively involved with the Home Information Pack may wish to take a look at their website here. There is no fee to join this group nor is there any commercial objective.

The implementation and management of both the HIP and EPC legislation has been ‘interestingly’ handled for sure by the present Government and future plans and intentions are yet to be made clear by the Conservatives who are predicted to win the upcoming election.

The next year will certainly be of interest in the life of the Home Information Pack and Energy Performance Certificate and hopefully we will be able to spread a little clarity on some of the Conservative ‘real’ plans in the near future. This will be welcomed by both Pro and Anti HIP supporters as the present Conservative policy could stall the housing market.

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