Return of the Home Condition report (HCR)?

This week has seen news released about developments of Home Information Packs and has given rise to speculation about Home Condition Reports (HCR) making a suprise return. The main topics and news within Magaret Beckett’s statement; industry professionals and associated organisation had some expectation of though we were all unsure of the exact timing until recently.

However, amongst the statement was some recognition towards a properties ‘condition’ which was initially planned to be addressed via the Home Condition Reports (HCR) within the Home Information Pack. Most within the industry have long considered the HCR a ‘dead duck’ which was doomed to the history books.  This includes a large number of people whom have spent thousands of pounds training to be a Home Inspector to later find out that there was little to no demand, whilst the recruitment of prospective trainees has continued by training providers.

Within Magaret’ Beckett’s statement the area some overlooked, however some quickly focussed upon was…

“Although take-up of home condition reports has been disappointing, we know that people want to know about the condition of homes before they commit to buy them. I will establish a working group to explore options for making sure that consumers have appropriate information about a property’s condition. This will build on the work carried out by the Stakeholder Panel to develop market-led models that can be delivered by existing practitioners, including Home Inspectors.”

You can read the minister’s full statement here.


Can we really expect to see the ‘full’ revival of the Home Condition report?

Can we really look forward to the Home Inspectors actually reporting that they have carried out an instruction?

Speculation is rising about this issue and until a definitive explanation is given it will unfortunately continue to be speculation.

The introduction of Home Reports within Scotland, the English Home Information Pack’s counterpart DOES contain a property survey (known as the Single Survey) which is mandatory unlike the HCR. The Home Condition Report is an optional document within the HIP and is the main reason there has been almost inexistant uptake.

The Scottish Single Survey is carried out by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) members which is how RICS would of liked it to have been implemented with England and Wales. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) resistance to the Home Condition Report was one of the reasons many believe it was made an optional requirement for the Home Information Pack.

“The Home Report regulations say that only surveyors registered with or authorised to practise by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors may prepare Single Surveys.”

Since the demise of the Home Condition Report various organisations have tried unsuccessfully to date, to ‘re-invent’ it under a different guise. One can only wonder at present if this is what is being referred to within Magarett Beckett’s statement.

This issue has certainly caught industry professionals’ attention and it will be interesting to see the developments.

Will England and Wales shortly have a ‘survey’ within the Home Information Pack as Scotland has?

If so, will it be dominated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with exisiting Home Inspectors being asked to jump through ‘hoops’ before eventually being required and able to carry out a survey?

We look forward to your views on this subject and sharing future news releases as they happen in the subject.

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4 Responses to “Return of the Home Condition report (HCR)?”

  1. David Thompson Says:

    I remember being castigated by a RICS member in the press when HCRs were “declassified” to voluntary. I used the term from the Italian Job “You’re in the self preservation society”. Looks like the society is still thriving. Any chance of that compensation then Margaret B as a qualified HI yet to get off the mark!!

  2. If home inspectors are not offered a chance to re-train IF there is an ‘new’ HCR brought into the market, we could well see claims made against the government. However, whether with the Governments’ awareness of this issue they will leave the door open to such a situation seems quite unlikely.

    However, suprises and u-turns with the Home Condition Report have not been uncommon have they?

  3. To all those disillusioned with the u turns made by the government with the hips process; leading to the dead duck that is the home condition report, salvation is on the way! Expect some very positive news this comming June/July. Expect a renaming of an almost identical document which will be produced by qualified Home Inspectors as well as Chartered Surveyors. Margaret Beckett is what this disfragmented industry needed and is in the process of shaking up and bringing previously opposing interests together. To those concerened that the RICS will have a stranglehold worry not. Rics will be far more involved but this will in fact be very positive for Home Inspectors. Cannot say a great deal more except that panels and deas (as opposed to fully qualified home inspectors)will be less happy.

  4. Steve, its getting toward the end of September so could you update your comment please?

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