Property Professionals – Stroma chosen by administrators HJS Recovery

Today has seen a development in the outgoing Property Professionals administration process; Stroma have been chosen as the training provider to continue exisiting candidates’ training.

Stroma have released a press release detailing this progression by the administrators HJS Recovery.

Despite interest from numerous sources, Stroma Certification Limited has been awarded the exclusive contract to deliver training and assessment to Property Professionals candidates on behalf of the administrators, HJS Recovery. Consequently, Stroma Certification has scheduled numerous training events nationwide, available to Property Professionals candidates.

Property Professionals+ Limited was placed into administration on the 3rd February 2010, leaving hundreds of candidates in limbo, having paid for training which had not been delivered.

Shane Biddlecombe, Partner of HJS Recovery commented “We have worked very hard to protect the interests of the trainees of Property Professionals, and are delighted to have secured the services of Stroma as our training partner. We were very impressed with the Stroma team from the outset. They had clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing their proposal, and it was clear to me from an early stage that they would prove to be an excellent partner”.

Matthew Ferguson, Managing Director of Stroma Certification Limited added, “We are proud to have been selected as the chosen training partner by HJS Recovery. Our goal is to ensure that all candidates receive the highest standards of training in the market, and we are working very hard to ensure that this is delivered at no additional cost to the individuals concerned. We have already secured funding for the majority of the affected candidates and we are working closely with the administrator to secure funding for the remainder of candidates”.

Stroma have set up a dedicated helpline on 0845 621 11 24, or you can refer to their website at for more details.

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9 Responses to “Property Professionals – Stroma chosen by administrators HJS Recovery”

  1. Well done to Stroma as you can imagine there was a frenzy of providers rushing to beat down the administrators door.

  2. Good to see that the administrators chose a reputable company rather than risk the contract with yet another shark. It does make you think that refunds of any description are now very unlikely from HJS recovery as alternatives will be provided.Whether BPF will pay out is a different matter…

  3. What a triumph… so they have found a training company to finish the training for a role which isnt needed, wow great news.

    O it does, sorry, it allows you to join another organisation which you must obviously pay to do so which will attempt to get your money back. What a scandal and those involved should be ashamed including cameron who had a connection with founder of HIT training

  4. geoff lages Says:

    I would say that HJS have worked very hard on behalf of Barclays bank (rather than the trainees) who stood to loose a considerable amount of money should PP be disolved without another trainer being found. I notice they use the word partner. Does that mean PP is still a Going Concern?
    There is no point in the trainees qualifying for a Profession that doesn’t exist. What happened to PP was a chink of light for us in that we might have recovered some or all the money for the expense and waste of time we experienced and endured as a result of a big Con!

  5. If property professional + is classed as a going concern does this not give rise and chance of a class action suit angainst the new owners who could possible take the company on?

    Would anyone be daft enough to buy it?

  6. It may not be as bad as it once seemed. If you read the other post and responses by a jeff scott, it appears an organisation called RPSA is coming to the rescue or is at least offering an alternative.

    Any more news Jeff on poss work flow?

  7. This was a con from the start. I was told i would not need finance and still got it anyway, even though i told them i would pay now for the first part of the course wich i payed on the day in full. I stated i would pay for the second half next year on the day when it becomes due this was agreed i was told to sign here to say you will pay next year. Three weeks later i recieved a credit agreement i did sign after a long interview that was hurried towards the end, as “trevor miller” interviewer had to go he said so i was pressured into signing quickly to get things moveing. What an idiot ive been
    but surely you should be able to trust a “goverment backed company” hahahahahahahh that was also a lie they are not goverment backed

  8. judy talbot Says:

    Steve it seems to me that if you agreed with them to pay for the second half next year on the day when it becomes due – then that was an agreement entered into by both parties. They were not justified in sending to you a credit agreement and if you were then put under duress to sign such agreement you are entitled to rescind it. Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regs to materially distort the economic behavious of the typical consumer means appreciable to impair the typical consumer’s ability to make an informed decision thereby causing him to take a tranactional decision that he would not have taken otherwise – in other words a misleading action or aggressive action. I would seriously consider rescinding the credit agreement.

  9. ex ''Property Professionals'' Director Says:

    I worked for Property Professionals as a ”Director of Recruitment” (sales person in real English). it was a total scam , selling expensive training , dressed up as an interview. They concentrated on unemployed people who were desporate for work , then got them to borrow money from family , friends, or from PP at high interest rates, to be ‘Offered the Job”, but they had to do a training course 1st. Then be self employed ! So there was no job offer anyway !
    I’m sure the bossess didn’t loose much when the company went under !!
    I’m pleased that no more people can get sucked in by them.

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