Money and Energy Saving Smart devices

It’s obvious that smart home concept becomes globally popular and appealing idea. It eases our life making it more tranquil and secure. A lot has been said about the many benefits house automation brings to homeowners. But have you ever thought those smart home gadgets that gradually invade the world markets can actually help you save money and energy? Well, they really can! So, enjoy your high-tech house and avail of the clever devices you have invested in!

Since hardware prices are dropping dramatically, smart gadgets turn to be more affordable for almost all social groups. Apart from providing a higher layer of comfort and protection, these devices will also reduce your regular expenses. How? Here are the much useful gadgets that will do the job!

Smart Locks

Want to save money? Protect your property! Smart locking mechanisms nowadays not only defend your house against burglars keeping yourself and all your belongings along with the fancy gadgets safe but also allow you to control the lock remotely and give access to your house to the third party or report an illegal intrusion through an app without leaving office. Moreover, using your phone as a “key” allows you to avoid any lockouts, thus saving on a locksmiths, too.


Do you constantly forget to turn down the heat at night? Expect fat energy bills then. Or get a Smart thermostat and safe up to £100 per year. This intelligent gadget automatically decreases the temperature at night and kicks it back up in the morning. On top of that, this device will track you anywhere at home to adjust the temperature of that very room in accordance with your set climate preferences.

Insight Switch

Make any device smart with only one smart switch! Being a mediator between your appliance and the wall socket, such computerized and Wi-Fi-enabled switch will monitor your energy use. It will turn off your air conditioner or heater after a certain amount of time; turn on the sprinklers once water restrictions have ended or turn off an appliance when its energy consumption reaches its daily limit.


This is one of the most popular ways of saving kilowatts. Simply, control the lighting in your house and cut down on waste by setting timers, dimming or shutting off all lights right away via your smartphone. Some of the smart devices are even able to store energy for emergency cases, providing up to 5 hours of reserve light.

Water Pebble

Consuming too much water? A tiny green gadget will make huge savings! Once it is set by the shower drain, it will “remember” the water amount of your baseline and notify you if you overuse water. After every following shower, it will be reducing the water amount till you reach a planet-saving amount!


Voilà! With this smart home appliance you can forget about spoiled food and wasted money! Now your fridge will take care of its content, create shopping lists and even entertain you. The cameras inside it and Wi-Fi connection will inform you through a mobile app what you have in your refrigerator, which products are expiring and what are the last date to use them. What else a present-day homeowner might expect from his smart home?!

Home Automation Hub

A device that actually controls all! With it you can regulate your security system, thermostat, lightning and more, making your smart home way much smarter!

Well, now you can stop wasting money, water and energy! Just get the right gadgets to save your funds and preserve the nature!

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