How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Conservatory

Have you ever given much thought to the energy efficiency of your conservatory?

As you kick back and relax with a glass of wine in hand and the sun streaming through the windows, it’s highly unlikely to be a topic at the forefront of your mind.

After all, you’ve worked hard to afford an enjoyable living space for you and your family without those kinds of concerns sullying your mood, right?

In order to add real value to the home, conservatories should be energy efficient AND functional all year round, lest they become white elephants hell-bent on trampling our precious magnolias.

If you’re considering adding more space to your home, then, there are a variety of energy efficiency factors to consider which will ensure your lean-to doesn’t become just an expensive storage space.

The Positioning of Your Conservatory Is Crucial

You may not have given it much thought, but the positioning of your conservatory will have a massive impact on its energy efficiency.
If it’s facing east, it’ll benefit from the early sun and remain warm throughout the day – and that makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a read of the papers whenever the mood strikes.

Position it to the north and it can be extremely chilly during the winter months, which means it’ll require additional expense heating the space up.

With that in mind, the temptation to have it facing south is obvious, but it can become stiflingly hot during the summer, rendering the space practically uninhabitable.

So what can be done?

Choose Your Glass Wisely

To avoid a scenario where extreme cold or warmth means you’re shunning your conservatory like an annoying neighbour, it’s crucial to have energy efficient glass in place to regulate the temperature.

Before installation, speak to your installer and run through the various types of U-Value glass available – and remember, the lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient the glass will be.
The type of glass you choose should retain heat in winter, helping the conservatory maintain its warmth through cold snaps, allowing you to cut back on energy usage from electric heaters.

Not only that, but during particularly warm periods, energy efficient glass should stop the glare from the sun in its tracks, keeping you cool and negating the need for air conditioning or electric fans.

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of plenty of glass in a conservatory is the unspoiled views of your garden and the rivers of natural light effortlessly flowing through the space.

Top It All Off With an Energy Efficient Roof

However, improving your conservatory’s efficiency doesn’t begin and end with its positioning or the type of glass used on its lower level.

Another method to get your space up to scratch is to ensure the roof of the extension is glazed with similar glass as the rest of the conservatory, thereby helping you save valuable energy.
Indeed, whether you already have a conservatory or plan to purchase one in the future, it’s clear to see there’s more to it than simply hiring an installer and hoping for the best.
As a result, to sidestep potential landmines when it comes to adding value to your property, be sure to follow the tips above to avoid your cash being swallowed by a conservatory shaped black hole.

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