Number of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) produced

Updated figures for the number of EPCs produced have been released by John Healey after a request from Mr Shapps in regard to Home Information Packs.

The request was looking at ascertaining how many HIPs have been produced which isn’t as far as we know possible. However, the response was certainly of interest and provides a good update on the EPC market.

number of EPCs produced

In the graph above we can see quite consistent levels in the last 6 months but whether the EPCs have been associated with sales or rental market it is again hard to say.

For exisiting and prospective DEAs it is a good illustration to compare and measure performance and also opportunity in the provision of EPCs. For rough approximate calculations there are:

  • 80,000 EPCs per month produced
  • 10,000 DEAs
  • Equals approximately 8 EPCs per DEA per month.

Now, if we are to believe some training providers, most DEAs earn £50,000 a year quite easily. So how much does that equate to per EPC?

If these figures do not give you food for thought, especially if you are considering entering the market place,  take some time out and read  ‘Should I train as a domestic energy assessor‘. (Many thanks for all the comments left on the article, they truly are invaluable to many people researching the industry).

Back to Mr Shapps original question of how many HIPs have been compiled? The answer can not be calculated with the current recording methods, did he not know this when he asked the question?

It does question his understanding of the regulations and processes surrounding HIPs and EPCs again, similar to in a past article Grants Shapps – Strong Foundations or Weak Understanding?

This may not be too much of a concern if you were to believe speculation that Grant Shapps is earmarked for a more senoir role if the Conservatives were to win the next election.

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