Estate agent turns to witchcraft

An estate agent in Somerset has been succesful in her job application to become a Witch at a tourist attraction in Somerset.

After watching BBC news yesterday morning and the reported results of the job interview later that evening; it just could not go without a mention due to the amusing nature of the story witch is sure to raise a smile.

Carole Bohanan was one of 300 applicants who applied for the £50,000 a year witch job at Wookey Hole tourist site in Somerset. Caroline will go by the name Carla Calamity and expected her previous role as an estate agent to stand her in good stead for her new witchy, witchy role.

Carole Bohanan said “I think it’s a natural progression in my career. You need a little bit of witchiness to sell houses in this current day and age and need to perform a little bit of magic to sell houses.”

Carole seemed up beat about living in a cave and felt it was a step up from the flat she says has damp rising through the flagstones in her current rented property.

The witch role requires that Carole teaches witchcraft within the caves, is not allergic to cats and of course has a top class ‘hackle’. The tourist site said it wanted Carla Calamity to go about her “everyday business as a hag, so that people passing through the caves can get a sense of what the place was like in the Dark Ages”.

We wish Carole well in her new job and congratulations to the Wookey hole attraction who have pulled off some great PR for their business.

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