Increase in HIPS ordered from private home sellers have seen a big upturn in the level of direct instructions we have recieved.

So why is this? – this is a question we have asked within our team, I have written some of our thoughts and views in this post.

Our answer is very much multi faceted and is hard to anayse which answer carries more weight. We can measure the increase quantitively though not qualitatively.

I do think that the general public who were initially routinely ordering their Home Information Packs from their chosen estate agent are becoming more educated in possible alternative suppliers. It seems common sense that people who are looking to have a HIP pack compiled go to a specialist in HIP pack compilation. Why would you go to a butchers for fruit and veg?

Most individuals have access to the internet and can easily research potential HIP providers. Our website performs well in comparison to competition both aesthetically and practically. We have tried to create a site packed full of informative pieces as well as the latest related news. Our site visitors seem to respect this and will return to utilise the site and read the latest articles. This is very pleasing to me. With this balance of information provision and information regarding our services/products, clients are not suprisingly re-assurred about our knowledge, specialism and professionality. This is embeded once we have the opportunity to speak with them.

Our web presence is gradually gaining; we have placed more focus on developing our site and the feedback we have recieved has been very pleasing. If you would like to leave constructive feedback about our site it would be kindly received. have invested in some good IT infrastructures to ensure we are able to provide that little bit extra which is often exponentially valued.

With the above, our growing good reputation and ability to offer the “complete” quality service stands in good stead for many years to come.

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