Top 5 property websites; buying or selling or earning extra income

Selling your home or buying a new home can be a difficult task to face and sometimes we feel like we need all the help we can get. Lucky for us, the Internet was invented and now we have a multitude of websites available to guide us in the right direction with advice, property and statistics.

There are even sites that cut out that pesky middle man: the estate agent. Read on to find our favourite top 5 websites to help you buy and sell property.

1) Zoopla

You must have been hiding under a rock if you have yet to come across Zoopla. It is the one-stop shop that tells users the current value of every property in the UK and tells you the sale price. Talk about your neighbours knowing everything about you. Gives the nosey neighbour status a new meaning all together. Our favourite feature is the ‘Tempt Me’ section though we suggest you enter with caution. They offer some deals up on platters that are hard to ignore.

2) Property Talk Live

This is an ideal spot online for a property enthusiast looking for some good conversation with other fanatics. This forum covers pretty much every topic you could wish for regarding property and also published the latest news with some rather electric debates. If you are looking to buy a house in a different country, there is a helpful page dedicated to discussions about other users experiences and help. Similarly, you will find helpful discussions on buy-to-let and auctions. Even better, your friends won’t disown you for boring them with property talk.

3) WowHaus

Are you a fan of looking at amazing homes and dreaming a little of what you would spend a million on if you had it? Well, showcases so of the most eye-catching homes in the UK with that wow factor. Whether you are into a historical haven, Scandinavian lodge or modernistic mansion with a twist, you will find some quality inspiration here. You can search by decade or style and those movie buffs can find homes in their favourite films.

4) Park At My House

If you are looking to make an extra bob or two then this website could turn into a nice little earner, especially if your property is located in a hot spot. The idea behind the website is to ‘rent’ out your driveway or garage to someone looking for a place to park. You might live next to a football stadium or commuter line and have something valuable to offer a person who doesn’t want to walk too far or worry about getting a space every morning in the ‘Park and Ride’. It doesn’t cost you anything to list your space on the website and you may be surprised about the extra cash it will create for you and your family.

5) Tepilo

Want to sell your home without an estate agent and with zero per cent commission? Look no further than Sarah Beeny’s game-changing website where you can do just that. Cut out that middleman and become your own estate agent. This website has a very practical directory, allowing users to search by postcode and you won’t feel ripped off by the high commission of your estate agent.

The development of online property websites is very much in a time of change and it will be worth watching how these websites develop. Before long, it is likely that the middleman, the estate agent, will be cut out all together, but what innovative ideas they come up with to manipulate the market will be interesting. We recommend that even if you aren’t interested in selling or buying right now that you familiarise yourself with the websites above before they morph into something that is difficult to understand.

Have you sold or bought a home using a website recently? How was your experience? What did you enjoy or dislike about the experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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