Positive feedback for Home Information Packs (HIPs)

Home Information Packs (HIPs) have undoubtedly received some bad press since their introduction which has been mainly initiated by a number of staunch anti-HIP groups. However, over time and with increased understanding and research we have seen these protesters diminish and numbers grow in support of the Home Information Pack. As people witness the benefits of the HIP these numbers will surely grow and the perceived negative start to the life of the HIP, progress and develop further into an essential and beneficial part of the property conveyancing process.

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The association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) have produced a short film on You Tube which can be seen above. The people interviewed range from home buyers and sellers to industry professionals; including estate agents and solicitors who have had first hand experience and benefits with the HIP. As one contributor mentions within the film, do we really want to go back to the dark ages of pre-HIPs or shall we look at the exisiting models and continue development and make further improvements?

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