Keeping Kitchen Plumbing in Tip-Top Condition

If you’re anything like the majority of the rest of us, you’ll be very conscious about where and how you spend your money. After the bills and mortgage is paid, many of us are left with very little to call “disposable income” and the chance of frivolity is slim. Saving as much cash as possible every month will help you to enjoy yourself in the future – think holidays, new clothes or a new car, for example.

When you’re bombarded with the cost of labour, parts and callout charges when something in your home breaks down, your fun-filled plans can be destroyed in moments. Ensuring that your home is kept in good condition and looked after as much as possible will help to prevent the need to call out the professionals, meaning that your savings can go on the good things in life – not just the plumber.

Your kitchen can be a major factor in your plumbing needs – from appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher, to your pipes and drainage system, a lot of problems can be prevented by keeping your plumbing in shipshape condition. While Dyno-Rod drainage services and plumbing repairs can be a godsend in kitchen-related emergencies, many of these occasions can be prevented with a little know-how.

Blocked Drains

These can be a major problem in the kitchen but can be avoided. Encourage your family members to try and limit the food waste that is washed down the kitchen sink – scrape plates into the trash before you start to wash them and avoid tipping grease and oil down your plughole. The oil that you used to fry those steaks or the fat that was added to make your roasties nice and crispy should be poured into a bottle or container and thrown away with the normal rubbish – if it’s poured into the sink, it will build up in your pipes and catch food waste which can cause major blockages and leaks.

Top tip: Every week, boil a kettle of water and pour it down your sink to help remove and build-up of debris before it causes a bigger problem.
Kitchen Smells

While kitchens can omit good smells, bad smells are sometimes present too – especially due to the drains. Make sure that the sink is kept clean at all times, including the plughole, where dirt and grime can build up.

Top Tip: Pour a little bleach down the plughole and leave it overnight to try and dislodge and degrade the blockage. Rinse thoroughly in the morning and your sink should smell more favourable.

It doesn’t have to end at the kitchen either – the home is full of potential problems that can be prevents and/or fixed yourself if you know how. While you may feel a little unsure when it comes to unblocking baths and showers, mending a leaking tap or bleeding the radiators, how to guides online can really help you solve the issue yourself and save you plenty of money in the process.

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