Everything you need to Know about the Green Deal

The concept of home improvements can be met with eyes filled with dread in many cases, because of the associated cost of many of the upgrades available. Double glazing, cavity wall insulation and underfloor heating are all costly additions to a home and while the energy efficiency of the home and the savings made through the utility bills will both be impressive, trying to find the money to fund such improvements can be nigh on impossible.

This is where the British Gas Green Deal comes in. A government initiative that aims to improve the energy efficiency of domestic properties, the Green Deal helps homeowners to have these improvements made to their home, without worrying about the associated costs.

Have a look at the Green Deal FAQs if there are specific questions that need to be answered, but the general gist of the deal is to provide homeowners with a loan to fund the improvements their home needs, which is then paid back through the savings they make each month as a result. Homeowners will only have to pay the same as, or less than, what they would normally spend on their energy bills, too.

With carbon emissions through the roof nowadays, due to various ineffective products around the home such as single glazing, insulation that doesn’t meet industry regulations and boilers that have seen better days, the Green Deal initiative couldn’t have come at a better time.

As part of the deal, an assessor will visit the property and complete a report which will cover all aspects of the energy efficiency of the home, how it can be improved by changes in habit and what they recommend to have installed as part of the deal.

In an age where over five million UK homes suffer from fuel poverty and more and more people can’t afford to heat and light their homes as much as they’d like, initiatives like this can really help. Combine that with increased awareness of the various ways in which an individual can actively save on energy usage and, in turn, money, and we could be looking towards a brighter future.

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