The 7 Steps to Buying Your Next Home

The 7 steps to home buying infographic, brought to you by Halifax, features useful home buying hints and tips.

The infographic works well with their new free app which makes finding a home easier.

Halifax Mortgages infographic - Buying a Home in 7 Easy Step: Infographic

The app combines property search facilities mortgage affordability calculators, local area information and property buyers’ guides.

It’s the UK’s first smartphone app which offers a ‘one stop shop’ for UK house hunters. The app combines property search facilities, mortgage affordability calculators, local area information and property buyers’ guides.

Available to download on iPhone, the free Halifax Home Finder app uses state of the art technology to revolutionise the way UK house hunters find and secure their dream home

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7 Responses to “The 7 Steps to Buying Your Next Home”

  1. Great Article. I think step 4 is the most important. I wouldnt want to slog the rest of my life for my mortgage repayments. Let us keep that in mind

  2. Awesome illustration that makes everything look so easy. If only it was? Some good points about negotiating the right price. Especially in todays climate.

  3. Great article, with clear and precise info. Step 5 has been a worrying time in past house moves.

  4. Ulf Bjorkman Says:

    I think if you want to pay lesser monthly fee, you need to pay at least 20% downpayment so you won’t have to pay a Private Mortgage Insurance. This will just protect the Investor and you won’t get anything from it.

  5. Great article, illustration makes it easy to read less of a daunting matter. Anyone reading just needs to make sure they are fully aware of everything regarding this massive move, don’t get taken for a ride by trusting everything the experts (estate agents, surveyors) have to say if it doesn’t sound legit. To anybody purchasing in the near future, good luck!

  6. I have not been visitng this site lately. Was here the last few days and didnt leave a comment. I check back again and found more great insights both from you and the guest comments as well. Excellent Post. Keep up the good work! I have bookmarked this site 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing. Property is one of the big ticket item for most of us and we should really do our research on the location, the property and the mortgages before commiting!

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