Canyon Bikes lose Christmas Cheer; profit rules

So after detailing last week how Canyon Bikes sold me wheels they decided they no wanted to supply in various places across the internet. For eg my open Facebook post to Canyon (which they were asked to comment on) after they deleted my comments on their Facebook page which obviously didn’t fit in with the image they are trying to portray; lets be honest they are doing a good job on the marketing front and I know many are tempted. However, marketing and spin is one thing but backing those claims up are where from my experience they are lacking.

I mean even Canyon’s CEO was forced into an apology not too long ago. ‘We failed to deliver the level of service that our company stands for’ – They have certainly done that again in my instance.

It does appear from recent dealings they are falling back to previous standards if they ever recovered. After sending 3 or 4 emails to Canyon Bikes and highlighting my disgust, ie I was sold a product, Canyon made an error, then reneged on the pre-contract we had entered into and told me they would no longer supply. Basically they oversold the wheels and decided rather than Canyon lose profit on my wheelset.

I asked…

I do consider myself to be reasonable and like to try and find solutions not problems as they say. So i suggest that as you say that you have no physical stock, (I understand that you are not going to be able to ship any immediately and realise you can not just magic a pair up for me instantly) I wait until you have stock and you honour the order placed. If i wait a reasonable timescale ie 3-6months and there is no stock or plans to stock in the near future at that time then a similar deal on an alternative wheelset (such as the Mavic Kysirium Pro Carbon SL -C) to what was entered into is offered.

I would like to think that this is fair and achievable solution by a big cyclist centred, caring company whose systems fail the customer, especially during the festive period. There has been an error made by Canyon and hope you can see it is not particularly morally or ethically correct if ultimately i the customer suffers. Therefore Canyon fulfilling the offer i accepted even if this means less or little profit on this wheelset to Canyon seems just and fair; it becomes a decision over what is right by the customer against pure profit for Canyon.

Initially I was told if they were getting more stock they would honour the price when the stock was received BUT unfortunately they had no plans of future stock. = me not getting wheels.

Today I am told by someone who has taken on my issue that….

‘Even if we have stock in the future we will not be able to achieve the same sale price for you’ = me not getting the wheels at the price paid.

So it is a big FAIL from Canyon in my book.

After back surgery 3 weeks ago, this was a really exciting purchase for me, it was giving me something to really look forward to riding in the new year. That was pretty short lived.

They have admitted their error and have clearly chosen profit over customer service and I would now be distinctly worried over a big bike purchase with Canyon. Imagine a grey area, where there was an issue with your new pride and joy. Would they opt for the side of the customer or hide behind their size and so well written T&Cs to cement their profit on your purchase?

In my opinion Canyon have lost sight on actual cyclists and certainly lost their Christmas cheer in selling me wheels in their 12 Days of Christmas Sale. So here is an opportunity to see my cycling Club, South Shields Velo entering into the Christmas cheer on their annual Christmas ride. Great effort guys.

Credit to video – Gav Burn

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