AHIPP First Day Marketing Statement

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) has welcomed today’s statement by Housing Minister, Caroline Flint.

The extension of the transitional arrangements covering first day marketing and leasehold documentation is a sensible move. It is encouraging to see that government recognises the issues around timely procurement of searches and leasehold information that Home Information Packs (HIPs) have highlighted, and are taking steps to address these issues by the end of the year.

It is disappointing that yet again there is no mention of Home Condition Reports (HCRs). The inclusion of a mandatory condition report in every pack would ensure that consumers asked for and read the information contained in a HIP. This government, in a statement in July 2006 stated that if industry did not make a success of voluntary take up of HCRs then mandatory HCRs remained on the table.

Commenting on the statement, Paul Broadhead, Deputy Director General AHIPP said
‘It is clear from this statement that Caroline Flint is committed to making the HIP process work to provide a better experience for the consumer. An extension to the transitional arrangements until the end of the year makes sense, and provides clarity to all that from 1st January 2009 packs will need to be in place before a home is marketed for sale.
I am disappointed that yet again there is no mention of HCRs, and I would urge the government to confirm that mandatory HCRs do indeed remain on the table.
We look forward to working with the minister and other industry bodies to ensure that the ending of the transitional arrangements happen in the smoothest way possible.’

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