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Frequently asked Home Information Pack (HIP) questions

When will I need a HIP pack for my client before i can market their property?

From the 1st June 2008 it is planned at the time of writing that all properties will need a Home Information Pack in place prior to marketing.

However, it is our opinion that this date will be extended and the current system kept in place.

If it it does change; a Home information Pack must be in place for the property before marketing.

Unless there has been a delay in recieving elements within the HIP pack such as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or searches.

If this is the case then the property can be marketed with a partial Home Information Pack 14 days after the date the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or searches were ordered.

The other documents must be in place i.e. Index (where it must be indicated when the orders for the EPC and searches were placed), Sales Statement, Title plan, Title register and if applicable the lease.

Please feel to Contact us regarding any questions regarding your Home Information Pack queries.

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