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Home Information Pack (HIP) - Leasehold and commonhold properties

Most of the documents that must be included in the Home Information Pack are applicable to all transactions, but some are needed only for leasehold and commonhold sales.

Of the required leasehold documents only a copy of the Lease is compulsory.

However, sellers should include other leasehold documents whenever available and the following are authorised for inclusion in Home Information Packs:

  • Any regulations or rules that apply to the property that aren't mentioned in the lease and any proposed amendments to same
  • Statements or summaries of service charges covering the previous 36 months
  • Where appropriate, the most recent requests for payment of service charges, ground rent, insurance against damage for the building in which the property is situated, and insurance in respect of personal injury caused by or within the building during the 12-month period before marketing began
  • The name and address of the current or proposed lessor, and details of any managing agent that has been appointed or proposed by the lessor to manage the property
  • A summary of any works being undertaken or proposed that will affect the property or the building in which it's situated.

The required commonhold documents are:

An official copy of the individual register and title plan for the common parts. This is in addition to official copies for the unit (see our section on Evidence of title).

An official copy of the commonhold community statement (PDF) is on the Land Registry website.

Where they are reasonably obtainable, or sellers can reasonably be expected to be aware of them, the following documents and information are also required:

  • Copies of any regulations or rules not described in the commonhold community statement and any amendments proposed to those regulations or to the commonhold community statement
  • Copies of any requests for payments made in the previous 12 months in respect of commonhold assessment, reserve fund levy and insurance (if not covered by a request for commonhold assessment)
  • The name and address of any managing agent or other person appointed or proposed to be appointed by the commonhold association to manage the commonhold
  • A summary of current or proposed works affecting the commonhold.

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