Top Tips to Save Energy and Reduce Your Utility Bills

In today’s society, using up a great deal of energy is considered common and even expected. However, the more energy we use, the more expensive the utility bill is. Some consumers choose to save money by finding the cheapest utility supplier they can. While signing on with the cheapest utility company is a good start, this is not enough to change things if the homeowner continues to use a great deal of energy.

For those that want to cut back, the tips below may help.

1. Use Natural Light

During the early hours of the day, there is nothing wrong with using natural light. Instead of using electric lights in order to read or perform other tasks, a homeowner should open all closed curtains and blinds. When they do this, light that does not have to be paid for will filter inside the home. In many cases, the light provided by nature will work more effectively than anything provided by a utility supplier. This option is not possible for all day use, but it is still something to keep in mind.

2. Turn off What Is Not Needed

Leaving electronics on when nobody is actually using them is a bad habit that people all over the world have. There is no reason to keep all of the lights in a room on if people are in another room. There is no reason to keep the television on if the members of the household are out running errands. It may be difficult to remember, but it is something that should at least be attempted by people that want to save on their energy bill; asking each member of the family to take part in the campaign helps make it more successful.

3. Cut Down On Use of Heating

It could be said that a working heating system is one of the most important things a household can have during the colder months of the year. Some people turn their heating up as high as possible in an effort to stay warm. This is not necessarily the best choice. The higher the heating temperature, the higher the heating bill will be in the long run. Turning down the heater and utilising blankets can help cut back on costs.

4. Do Not Let Heat or Cold Escape

In relation to the above tip, it is important to keep the desired temperature inside the home as best as possible. When doors and windows are allowed to stay open, the cold or heat can escape. This not only makes members of the household uncomfortable, but money is also lost. People may turn up their heater or conditioner in order to keep things a certain way, but this does not work and only means that saving energy will be more difficult. If a homeowner wants to save energy, then they should keep all doors and windows closed, covering all cracks and other problems.

5. Get an energy monitoring Unit

An energy monitoring unit is a device that can help you see which home appliances are consuming the most energy. This is very useful in helping you to monitor your energy usage more precisely, therefore reducing the cost of your utility bills over a long period of time.

There are several types of energy monitoring units; you could get a single energy monitor that tells you what wattage each device is using per time and their associated cost. Alternatively, you could get a smart meter that takes the reading of all household electricity usage every 30 minutes and gas every hour. This allows the customer to see exactly how much energy they are using throughout the day, thereby having the knowledge to tailor their usage to save money.

Written by First Utility, an energy company with a difference. First Utility want to help you understand your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you receive accurate bills.

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